CliffsNotes – July 21, 2020

Another Task force & A Summer Question “A new task force? Don’t we have enough to do already?” The Free Methodist Church in Canada already has task forces exploring our relationship to the LGBT+ community, engaging women in leadership, a mandate to create one to consider our ministry to families / children / youth (I […]

CliffsNotes – June 30, 2020

A New Task Force and Re-Gathering The FMCIC has formed an anti-racism, or pro-equality, or ‘we’re all made in the image of God so how do we live fully into that’ task force. Actually, the Board of Administration did not give the task force a name, they left that to the task force to decide. […]

CliffsNotes – June 23, 2020

Welcome to “FMCIC Sabbath- week”! Sabbath is daily: God “sabbath-ed”, or stopped daily (read Genesis 1 and pay attention to the sabbaths): He reviewed and considered His day (He remembered): “it is good” implies that He wondered to Himself “is this good?” Around our family meal we played a “high-low” game where we each took […]

CliffsNotes – June 16, 2020

Good Morning, Bishop Cliff is away today. Thank you to everyone who was able to join the National Check in that took place on Saturday. It was a good time to be able to meet together on a national level. If you were not able to join the meeting, there will be more opportunities in […]

CliffsNotes – June 9, 2020

Pastor Will Keller hosted the first “Many Voices – One Heart” event. Tyendinaga Mohawk Chief R. Donald Maracle was in attendance and was invited to bring us greetings. For over an hour he gave us a history lesson and the time flew by. I felt confusion, anger, and sadness as he referred to the same […]

CliffsNotes – May 26, 2020

A gift for our pastors, “Parking Lot” services & a note from Karlene Our leadership team is actively contacting local leaders across Canada. We’ve heard good stories, and despite the current circumstances, many of our leaders are shining. We find their faithfulness, creativity and adaptability inspiring. However, we’ve also heard that some of our pastors […]

CliffsNotes – May 19, 2020

This past weekend was supposed to be our General Conference. We would have been together to discuss, vote, elect, be inspired and enjoy each other. We would have prayed and practiced being in His presence for the duration of the time together. Instead we are having to plan for an event next year that may […]

CliffsNotes – May 12, 2020

I rediscovered lectio divina last week. Oh, it is not a long-lost friend, as it has been a part of my Bible reading discipline but in the past few years, much less. It’s been less because it requires time and quiet listening. Busy-ness is not conducive to “time and quiet listening”. Lectio divina is an […]

CliffsNotes – May 5, 2020

Re-Entry We tried our first National check-in this past Saturday. It was definitely a learning experience and this, in some ways, is what is defining this season: try, see, be flexible and learn. Part of what it means to be Free Methodist is summed up well in one of the new proposed Guiding Principles: “Free […]