CliffsNotes – January 14, 2020

PRAYER REQUEST: This past week I received several sad phone calls or visits from pastoral families: crisis, health, loss… I’m asking that you commit some focused time this week to pray for our pastors (retired too) and their families. This past weekend I was in BC. I hoped that I was leaving behind snow and […]

CliffsNotes – January 8, 2020

We are free to collaborate… I want you to meet an FM’er from the Ottawa area who attends Chapel Ridge FM. He is the Executive Director of One Way Ministries. I’d like you to hear a little more about One Way because it certainly reflects the FMCiC’s Guiding Principle 1 “free to collaborate” with others […]

IET, the Wrights and a Blessing

Intercultural Engagement Team has been diligent in their discernment this past year, and they are continuing to discern God’s direction for the FMCiC and “intercultural mission” around the world.  They are asking good and important questions like: “Where has God gone on before us, and already opened opportunity for life-giving mission?” and “How can we […]

Christmas Ornaments and Blessing

One of the Christmas traditions Karlene and I have is to give each other and our kids an ornament that somehow reflects the past year – that is, something they’ve done, or accomplished, or achieved. Our Christmas tree tells our story. There are driver’s licence, lifeguards, sports, Bible verses that we blessed them with, compasses […]

CliffsNotes – December 10, 2019

Caistor Centre, ON is in between Smithville and Binbrook, north of Beamsville, about a half an hour from Dunnville. I love that we are present in Caistor Centre and Dunnville. I led Pastor Kim Henderson’s induction service yesterday. There was a whole lot of love in the room: pastor for congregation, congregation for pastor, and […]

CliffsNotes – December 3, 2019

My neighbour just gave me $35. Apparently, he watched a guy pull into my driveway to turn around and in the process of pulling out, this guy ran over my green compost bin and broke it. My neighbour said that the guy did know that he had broken it, but drove away anyway. My wonderful […]

CliffsNotes – November 26, 2019

Chapel Ridge FM and a Chaplaincy Opportunity… This past weekend I celebrated with the Chapel Ridge FM in Stittsville, ON. They have completed a beautifully functional new building. They had to build in order to accommodate the growth (for instance, they had 72 children involved this past Sunday)! What have they done right? My experience […]

CliffsNotes – November 19, 2019

FMCiC Funding Model Think Tank I invited, “Godly, successful, creative entrepreneurs / innovators” who are also FM’ers to come to a Think Tank. This past Friday and Saturday these men and women came together to discuss the current FMCIC funding model. The current funding model includes CORE (your church’s commitment to giving 10% of your […]

CliffsNotes – November 12, 2019

New Pastors, Board of Administration, Kingsview FM and Orality NEW PASTORS: This past week, the Ministry Centre hosted the New Pastors Orientation. For those of you who have never been to one of these 2-day events, let me simply say: our FM pastors and churches have SO MANY resources available to them! Committed and competent […]