CliffsNotes – August 1, 2017

I have been asked very good questions about my first trip out west, like “what did you learn?” and “is there a common thread in the how we all do church?” I don’t yet think I am fully aware of everything that I learned, but I did experience a lot: warmth, love, and anticipation of […]

CliffsNotes – July 25th, 2017

I look forward to telling you about some of our (Karlene’s and my) experiences with our churches and pastors in Calgary, Okotoks (did you know that we had a church in Okotoks?!), Edmonton, Mewassin (don’t try GPS’ing there – you’ll end up in a lake!), Spiritwood, Melfort, Prince Albert, and Saskatoon (where making reference to […]

CliffsNotes – July 18, 2017

Last Sunday I was at the Hampton Free Methodist Church. You heard them share their inspiring story at General Conference on how their focus is on being a Community Centre. They came to this Ministry Plan by prayerfully and carefully considering the needs of their community. They asked if “we build a building, how will […]

CliffsNotes – July 11, 2017

Good Afternoon Friends, It’s Summer Camp season and Bishop Cliff and Karlene are at Arlington Beach Camp located near Cymric, SK this week for the Family Camp. Please keep the camps in prayer as they open their facilities to hundreds of kids, teens and families throughout the summer, offering them not only a chance to […]

CliffsNotes – July 4, 2017

I want to begin by thanking the General Conference for giving me the opportunity to serve on the BOA. This is my third, and therefore final, term on the board and it has been an enriching experience. I have gotten to know board members whom I would not likely have otherwise met, become more knowledgeable […]

CliffsNotes – June 20, 2017

I worshipped with the Athens FM congregation this weekend. I especially appreciated that though the service officially starts at 11:00, they begin to prepare their hearts in worship BEFORE with worship songs. In fact the sanctuary was already filled before 11 with people already engaged in worship! Thank you Athens for that experience. Would you […]

CliffsNotes – June 13, 2017

This is my first installment of the new series of Bishop’s Notes – ‘CliffsNotes’. That’s thanks to Ben from Arlington Woods who came up with the idea and logo. For those my age and older “CliffsNotes” is the American version of “Coles’ Notes” – what some of you read in high school instead of actually […]