3 Steps for Resolving Conflict in the Church

Conflict happens.  How we handle it matters.  In her blog, 3 Steps for Resolving Conflict in the Church, Patricia Taylor provides some very important steps to keep in mind as we work towards resolving conflict. “There are biblical steps that need to be taken in order to restore fellowship with another Christian when there is conflict in […]

The Age of DisIncarnation

“I no longer have to be present with those near me, thanks to the genie in my pocket. Our phones grant us the godlike power to escape our bodies. But are we losing some of our humanity?” – Skye Jethani In his blog, “The Age of DisIncarnation” Skye Jethani wonders about the importance of incarnation […]

Fasting for Beginners

“When Jesus returns, fasting will be done. It’s a temporary measure, for this life and age, to enrich our joy in Jesus and prepare our hearts for the next — for seeing him face to face. When he returns, he will not call a fast, but throw a feast; then all holy abstinence will have […]

Why Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 Hour Rule Doesn’t Work and the 10,000 You Should Really Be Concerned About

“In Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell suggests that 10,000 hours of deliberate practice are required to become world-class in any field. Perhaps you heard the same principle touted.  The number always felt too thin to me, as if it were missing an extra zero.” – from Margaret Feinberg’s blog “Why Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 Hour Rule Doesn’t Work […]