Grow It or Close It? Is there a Third Option for Struggling Small Churches?

“We live in a culture that is so obsessed with a bigger-is-better mindset, that we’ve allowed it to creep into the body of Christ. It’s become such an automatic part of our thought process, that many people in ministry can’t even see this obvious third option for small, struggling churches.” Read Karl Vaters’ Grow It or Close […]

What is a Healthy Small Group?

“We all want healthy small groups. But without a central focus on God and growing in our faith, we are simply a gathering of people who meet for coffee when it’s convenient. Coffee is great but healthy groups practice spiritual habits that form hearts and lives into being disciples of Jesus.” In many churches, tis’ […]

7 Suggestions TO DO When a Church Is In Decline

“There are no cookie-cutter solutions for reversing a church in decline. Churches have unique characteristics because they have different people. There are different reasons that cause decline. It could be anything from poor leadership to being locked into the traditions of men or simply a change in population in the community. It’s difficult to copy what […]