Your Church Needs a Discipleship Map

From Eric George’s blog “Your Church Needs a Discipleship Map”: “One modern-day voice who has brought clarity on why Jesus discipled the original twelve so well is Jim Putman. Putman reveals that Jesus’ model of discipleship can be easily understood when one considers this easy equation: An intentional leader + relational environment + reproducible process […]

The 200 Growth Barrier in Churches Revisited

Thom Rainer is a writer, researcher and former pastor.  His blog and podcast are often thought of as provoking especially for pastors.  Here are his reflections on the church growth movement – what was good and bad about this era in church world.  His thoughts give all leaders good fodder for reflection and conversation as […]

A Day in the Life of Marc McAlister

Because so many people ask me, “What exactly do you do as Director of Church Health,”   I decided to pick a week in the life of me and share with you some of what I do as well as the some of good things that are going on in our movement.  For the purposes […]

Why Multi-Cultural Matters More Than Multi-Colored

After being reminded of the profound shifts taking place in Canada at a World Vision sponsored seminar this week, it seemed like JD Greear’s blog, “Why Multi-Cultural Matters More Than Multi-Colored” gives us all something to think about.  All of our churches will have to wrestle with these issues in some form especially the line […]

Getting Beyond Our Distaste for Fasting

While late for lent (my fault not the authors), J.D. Walt gives us food for thought when it comes to this very important Wesleyan Means of Grace.   See what I did there? Click here to read “5 Ways to Get Beyond Our Distaste for Fasting.“  

Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?

A month or so ago, author Don Miller stirred up quite a bit of internet reaction with a blog post about church and its value.  Many people responded, including Miller himself trying to clarify some of his thoughts.  Not all the conversation was helpful.  But I thought Ed Stetzer did a good job responding.  Hopefully […]

7 Ways Christians Should Behave Online

Some interesting and timely thoughts about how we engage with our world from Ron Edmondson’s “7 Ways Christians Should Behave Online.” “Still, it disturbs me some of the ways I see Christians respond on social media. I can post one thing … whether serious or not … and I do use humor intentionally as a part […]

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