Is It Time to Revive Art in Church?

In her article, “Is It Time to Revive Art in Church?” Nancy Beach asks churches to consider a creative space for all of God’s people to use their gifts: “Every church, no matter what its size, has some artists sitting in the seats who could be invited into the grand adventure of using their gifts to […]

What Numbers Count?

Word of warning…this week’s post contains a plug for a tool at the end of it.  I have no idea if the tool is good or not (and we have our own stuff here on the website so I’m not sure I should be plugging other stuff).  Commercial plug aside, the always thought provoking Ed […]

What Is a Healthy Church?

Anyone else a day behind with this short week?  Yup, that’s right Church Health Thursday is on Friday this week! Oops! This week’s blog “What is a Healthy Church” is from Ron Edmondson and it explores just what the title suggests. Happy Thursday and Friday folks! Click here to read, “What is a Healthy Church.”