Muppets, Cookies, Christmas and You

I’m writing this just after the first Sunday of Advent.  It’s the Christmas season.  That time of year where we get too busy and where all kinds of things can get sideways in us and our relationships.  It’s not supposed to be that way.  It just sort of happens if we aren’t careful. So with […]

Sharing the Stories of Our Lives

“We all have a story — our story. As Christians, it is our claim to fame. “Just wait until you hear what God has done for me!” we can begin. “Once upon a time…” And so it starts.” This is from Laurie Fortunak Nichols’ blog, Sharing the Stories of Our Lives. Are you sharing your story? […]

Turning Your Child’s Focus Inside Out

  “Coming from a large family, I know firsthand how skilled siblings are at comparing, especially when it‘s to their advantage. “His piece of cake is bigger than mine!”… “Why does she get to stay up later than I do?” As parents, you can use your children’s natural tendency to pick up on differences to […]