The Right Way to Do Church?

“I have no idea what the right way to do church is. And I’m growing increasingly skeptical of anyone who says they know. Sure, I write about it. But most of the time it’s little more than “here’s something that helps me and my church. Maybe it can help you and yours.” Read all of Karl […]

Stuff I Say to Churches

Today I want to talk about celebrating.  Churches need to celebrate more.  I say this all the time.  All kinds of great stuff is happening in our churches.  Miracles even.  People’s eternities are being changed.  They are moving from death to life – that’s how the Bible says it and that’s a miracle.  Hope is […]

7 Reasons Why Small Churches Get Stuck

“More than the number, the key factor that drives the small-church mindset is the value that everyone should know everyone. That value impacts just about everything that the church does. The good news is that this value can also be leveraged to produce both health and growth in a way that larger churches can’t really […]

Stuff I Say to Churches

Every church is different.  And so every conversation I have with churches has its own flavour.  That being said, there are a few things that I seem to say to a lot of churches as we talk about becoming healthier.  So I thought I should write them down and reflect on them a bit. There […]