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Why You Are Blessed To Be A Blessing

By Caesar Kalinowski  | Blog from caesarkalinowski.com  10 AUGUST 2015 While there are a zillion things I may still want in life, (okay, maybe just a few thousand) my life has certainly been filled with an abundance of blessings and awesomeness. While driving the other night, my wife, Tina, and I spent a little time […]

8 Reasons Why Loving Money Is So Dangerous

By David Murray | Article from Headhearthand.org JULY 27, 2015 (Posted on ThomRainer’s Notible Voices) Having dealt with the roles and relationships of men and women, elders and deacons, employers and employees, in 1 Timothy 6v9-10 the Apostle Paul addresses with the Christian’s relationship with money and issues eight warnings about why we should not […]

The time to teach children is now…

| MOSAIC Summer 2015 Our heart is to see our children grow into faithful believers.  And summer camps are a quiet refuge that provides a perfect opportunity to teach children the things of God and following Jesus.  Teaching our children is important to God. In Deuteronomy, God’s commandments start with loving God about all else […]

Did Jesus Spend Time With The Poor?

| MOSAIC November 2014 This question was asked by Shane Clairborne in the book, ‘The Irresistible Revolution: Living as an Ordinary Radical.’  In the survey,  80 percent said yes.  ‘Of course Jesus spent time with the poor!’ However, it was the next question that really got my attention.  ‘Do you spend time with the poor?` […]

Steps to Financial Health

| MOSAIC October 2013 Having lots of muscles does not necessarily make you physically healthy.  In the same way, having lots of money does not make your finances healthy. Nor does having very little money make you financially unhealthy. Your mind is created to control your muscles. Your muscles shouldn’t control your mind. Health in […]

Don’t Worry…

| MOSAIC June 2013 “Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow…” – Matt 6:34a NIV Really?  Don’t worry about tomorrow?  I don’t think I’ve heard that message from any of today’s top financial advisors. In this world of panic over stock markets, housing markets, job security, increased interest rates, lost pensions there is a lot to […]

Refuel. Take Stock. Move Forward.

| MOSAIC January 2013 Statistically speaking, by the time you are reading this article, most New Year’s resolutions have long been broken.  Our good intentions to live below our means and save have most likely been set aside.  And yet, somehow we still find the need to search for a scapegoat to blame as to […]

Stewarding our Connections

| MOSAIC September 2012 As I write this article on ‘connections within our movement’, I am mourning the loss of my Aunt Martha (the last of my mom’s family) who passed away last night. Connections – whether family, friends or a movement – seems all too real at this moment. Despite what the obituaries say, […]

Can Stewardship be Missional?

|MOSAIC JUNE 2012 OK, I confess that when I started this article I had to Google ‘missional’.  The term has been used so often in so many different ways that I needed to confirm what we were talking about.  The fact that my Google search was filled with the question “What does it mean to […]

Does anyone want to be like you?

| MOSAIC December 2011 This is a very good question – especially since the theme of this MOSAIC issue is Discipleship. Christian discipleship is part of the journey by which we conform to the Image of our Christ.  Discipleship is wanting to be like Jesus – and living it our in everyday life and relationships […]