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Check-up Time

As some of you are aware, every week on the FMCIC website and Facebook page we post a link to what we hope is a helpful article.  We do it to celebrate Church Health Thursdays – a day that I totally made up but that works.  If you haven’t checked them out please do and […]

Bitter Pills: 4 Unpleasantries that Make for Healthy Churches

“But what we need to realize is that some unpleasantness inherent to a healthy local church is NOT an imperfection, but a necessary attribute of faithfulness.  Here are four bitter pills that you may prefer to avoid swallowing, but should view as a sign that you’ve found a good church home. In fact if all four […]

5 Common Myths About the Great Commission

“You cannot love Jesus and not obey him. Stated inversely, you cannot disregard the Great Commission and claim to love Jesus. The command is simple—go and make disciples. Ask yourself, “Am I currently making disciples of others?” If not, why not ask yourself, “Will I today commit myself to beginning the process of making disciples […]

5 Reasons Established Churches Should Plant Churches

On his blog, The Exhange, Ed Stetzer recently posted “5 Reasons Established Churches Should Plant Churhes.”  This is a discussion that churches need to be having even though it may be a challenging one – in a good way!   This Health Church Thursday is for you Jared! Click here to read, “5 Reasons Established […]

Why a responsive website

            Hello there friends, Our website has recently undergone a full renovation. We are now using a responsive web design . . . one website “view-able” on many devices. One of the most appealing aspects of responsive web design is that a responsive website can provide a great user-experience across many […]

The Path

Back in March I wrote “Woman at the Well”, the story of how Penny Flaro met Jesus through the ministry of one of our churches.  I want to tell more of these “good news” stories because there is so much encouraging, good, God glorifying stuff happening in our movement that should be told. If you […]


If you were in Sudbury, Ontario on Saturday, June 8th you would have seen groups of people throughout the city planting community gardens, cleaning up highways or restoring parks and they were all wearing white t-shirts with the words, “Elevate – Love in Motion” written in black letters across the front.  For the who, what […]