Entrées par Lisa Howden

CliffsNotes – July 16, 2019

Good Morning, Bishop Cliff and Karlene are in Florida this week for the FMCUSA General Conference.   “I pray for a refreshing summer for you. Let me challenge you to two Bible disciplines: meditation and memorization. These two ingredients in good Bible study are often neglected because of our busy-ness. Maybe in the next few […]

La Table

Rachel et Logan Runnalls vivent à Caronport, en Saskatchewan, où se trouve le Collège et Séminaire de Briercrest et à une courte distance en voiture de la ville de Moose Jaw. Ils ont un groupe d’amis proches et actifs de quelque 30 familles qui vont et viennent chez l’autre pour les repas, les célébrations, les […]

CliffsNotes – July 9, 2019

Women in Leadership: Not Just Another Position Paper (though our position papers are foundational readings, maybe on your summer reading list!)… Seems I’m on a role with interviews! This time it’s with our leader for the “Engaging Women in Leadership” Team, Jan Kupez who is a member of the Kemptville FM Church. This is both […]

Que faire au sujet des ÉZ?

J’ai pensé à mon rôle pour aider mon église à continuer à progresser vers une santé robuste. Pas en tant que membre de l’Équipe Nationale de Leadership ou directeur de quoi que ce soit, mais moi en tant que membre de mon église locale. Le même rôle que la plupart d’entre vous se retrouvent. Nous […]

CliffsNotes – July 2, 2019

Social Media isn’t always the best way to have an important conversation… Some of you might have heard or read about the controversy in Picton, Ontario. I’ve asked our own Kevin Stenhouse, Lead pastor of Picton FM to tell you the story… Cliff: Kevin, a priest serving in your town wrote in his church bulletin […]

CliffsNotes – June 25, 2019

Jared’s Sabbatical… Cliff: Jared, you are eligible to take a sabbatical according to our policy, therefore you recently applied for one to our Personnel Team. Why is a sabbatical important to you? Jared: Sabbaticals are important because they allow for two very important things: rest and perspective. Ministry, especially if you love what you do, […]

CliffsNotes – June 18, 2019

A Little more about the FREES! As you know the BOA has introduced a new “Page 1” to our Manual and to the “FMCiC Ministry Plan”. Page 2 and beyond continues to include our Core Values, Articles of Religion, and a more detailed account of Free Methodism. But Page 1 should be an inspiring, compelling […]

Nous l’église

Il y a un aspect de la santé de l’église dont nous ne parlons pas assez. Lorsque nous parlons de la santé de l’église nous pensons systèmes, disciple / rayonnement, vision / mission, stratégies de revitalisation et ainsi de suite. Tout cela est bien, mais il semble qu’il manque quelque chose. Ou peut-être que c’est […]

CliffsNotes – June 11, 2019

Who evaluates the Board: Part 4 Week 1 in this series about healthy local organizations we discussed board evaluations. Week 2 was about Nominating Committee. Week 3 was about board covenant. I have been pointing you to The Manual, and have pointed out that our Manual wisely offers you opportunity to contextualize your organizational structure […]