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CliffsNotes – April 13, 2021

General Conference June 5-6… But first, a Sabbath Week Dear Chaplains, Pastors, Delegates, Board chairs, and all those who call FMCiC home, What usually happens at General Conference time is members of Conference take time off to travel to and from the event, and obviously three days attending the actual event. A virtual conference, which […]

CliffsNotes – April 6, 2021

The God Who Makes Us Smile… A friend of mine experienced the tragedy of a house fire last week. It was devastating to she and her husband. They lost a lot: treasures, pictures (especially pictures), collections (she had a series of rare and meaningful books), and art. Irreplaceable. I sent her a note just as […]

Faire des disciples – Aucune exception

Il y a encore beaucoup de choses en suspens en ce qui concerne les plans, ce qui se passe avec la pandémie et ce qui sera « normal ». Il y a une grande variété de réponses à ce qui suit, qui comprend tout, de « J’ai hâte de revenir à… » à « Il faudra au moins un an […]

CliffsNotes – March 30, 2021

BOA & THANK YOU FMCiC FOR GIVING GLOBALLY On Friday and Saturday your Board of Administration met. We listened carefully to each other, prayed, made important decisions and laughed together. I am confident that each member feels valued. I believe that this BOA is an example of a very healthy team. Last week I met […]

CliffsNotes – March 23, 2021

Evangelism? Part 3/4 Just a quick reminder that if your Church family is planning on participating in the national Good Friday service (11:00 AM EDT – so that our BC brothers and sisters can join in), then please message me privately pastors, so that I can acknowledge your Church family in the service. The information on […]

CliffsNotes – March 16, 2021

Evangelism? Part 3/4 If you haven’t already, then please take a moment to read Cliff’s Notes from the past 2 weeks (parts 1 & 2) – use this link:https://www.fmcic.ca/category/cliffsnotes/  Below are discussion points for you and your Church family: There are, absolutely, brilliant Holy Spirit moments when you have an opportunity to tell a stranger […]

CliffsNotes – March 9, 2021

Evangelism? Part 2/4 If you have not already, then please, take a moment and read last week’s Cliff’s Notes: “Evangelism? Part 1”: https://www.fmcic.ca/cliffsnotes-march-2-2021/. Below are further discussion points for you and your Church family: Somewhere in your 3-5 Year Ministry Plan, you should have a statement that reflects the following assumption: “Evangelism is not a […]

Attention, pas dedans

J’ai récemment participé à un webinaire sur les mesures de santé de l’église locale organisé par un ministère international. L’idée était de jeter un coup d’oeil aux choses que les églises et les dirigeants devaient faire attention dans un paysage post-pandémique. Je ne suis pas ici pour parler du webinaire ou du ministère. C’était bien, […]

CliffsNotes – March 2, 2021

Evangelism? Part 1/4 My hope is to spark a conversation in your Church family, especially among your leaders, about “evangelism”. I remember the very first time someone asked me about my faith. I was at Carleton University, and it was in a philosophy class. I was chatting prior to the start of class with a […]

CliffsNotes – February 23, 2021

A 2nd Term & Coaching FMCIC thank you for your continued trust. I have been asked several times over the past week or so, if I enjoy my “job”. Truthfully it is more than “enjoy” and certainly I understand that it is more than a “job”. I love the people I work with, and I […]