Entrées par Lisa Howden

CliffsNotes – November 12, 2019

New Pastors, Board of Administration, Kingsview FM and Orality NEW PASTORS: This past week, the Ministry Centre hosted the New Pastors Orientation. For those of you who have never been to one of these 2-day events, let me simply say: our FM pastors and churches have SO MANY resources available to them! Committed and competent […]

Raconter vos histoires

J’ai déjà écrit que je suis un grand fan des histoires. J’adore les bonnes histoires. Mais j’ai remarqué que nous semblons de plus en plus souvent raconter des histoires de type « mauvaises nouvelles ». Nous parlons de ce qui ne va pas, de ce qui doit être corrigé, de la gravité de la situation et de […]

CliffsNotes – November 5, 2019

Harold Gonyou’s (BOA Chair, and FMCiC delegate to FM World Conference) Report from World Conference: Remember the times as a child that a missionary, having worked in a far away culture, enthralled you with stories of their ministry and the people that they served. And now imagine those people, having now taken leadership in their […]

CliffsNotes – October 29, 2019

This past week I was in Brazil attending the FM World Conference with our delegate Harold Gonyou but I had to leave early. My dad was diagnosed with advanced and aggressive colon cancer only two weeks ago. I left the conference to be with my family – I arrived home Friday and Dad passed away […]

CliffsNotes – October 22, 2019

Good Morning, Bishop Cliff and Harold Gonyou (BOA Chair) are at the FM World Conference in Brazil. Please pray for this meeting of FM Bishops and national delegates. MEDIA CONNECTIONS Church Health Thursdays – Things Rarely Drift Towards Good and Healthy: https://www.fmcic.ca/things-rarely-drift-towards-good-healthy-things/ News & Stories Blog – Building Bridges into the Community with Robotics: https://www.fmcic.ca/building-bridges-into-the-community-with-robotics/ […]

CliffsNotes – October 8, 2019

What happened at our Ministers’ Conferences? We invited a First Nations leader to speak into FMCIC pastors. Jonathan Maracle loves Jesus. Jonathan is a singer and storyteller (check his Facebook page or listen to his music on Spotify, etc). He spoke passionately about God’s love for First Nations people and the Church’s opportunity to be […]

Les choses dérivent rarement vers le bien et la santé

Alors voilà une chose que j’apprends lentement, et ça paraîtra évident mais reste avec moi. J’ai une grande famille. Ce que j’ai remarqué, c’est que lorsque les choses se corsent dans ma famille, cela a un effet sur moi. Maintenant, quand je dis cahoteux, je ne veux pas seulement dire entre nous. Cela pourrait être […]

CliffsNotes – October 1, 2019

Leadership = Criticism I am so sorry that this is true. Every leader knows that this is true. Jesus experienced it (can you think of some of the things He was criticized for, and how He responded?). Unfortunately criticism can feel deflating, demoralizing or worse. Even just the fear of criticism can cause leaders to […]