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Hope Central

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook.  Yes, I realize this is a strange thing to say given I am a social media journalist and spend most of my work day on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.  I get tired of the ads, the click bait and the amount of junk you find on Facebook.  […]

Millennials Must Not Be the Future of Your Church

“Generational ministry can be a cruel temptress if you let it control you.  Do not focus on reaching Millennials and catering to their every whim.  Focus on making disciples of your young people, your middle aged people, and your older people.  Disciples are the future of your church. Not Millennials. Not Gen-Zers.” – Chris Martin […]

The Problem with Drive-By Discipleship

  “Pastors and church leaders would do well to model Paul’s investment in their people. Pastors who deeply care for their people, who actually know them well, will see a much better response to their preaching. But pastors who are only present on Sunday to deliver content—God uses this preaching to change lives, but it […]

Mission Possible

On January 12, 2015 Peter Goodyear, Pastor of Asbury Free Methodist Church in Perth, ON, and Dan Sheffield, Director of Global and Intercultural Ministries left Toronto for Niamey, Niger to visit missionaries David and Jennifer and to ordain a new pastor.  This was Peter’s first mission trip and one he will not forget. Asbury FMC […]

How To Recognize You’re on Sacred Ground

This may be a little ironic from a website trying to get you to read it’s stuff (and posting links on Facebook), but here are some good thoughts from Margaret Feinberg about approaching life and social media.  Here are a couple of her thoughts: “We no longer know to slip off our shoes or lay […]

A Way Better Plan

The other day I was listening to a sermon from pastor and author Pete Wilson and he reminded me of something pretty important when it comes to making disciples.  I give him full credit for stirring the following thoughts. Peter Wilson cited Matthew 28.  Usually we jump down to verse 18 of this passage, the […]

So What Does It Mean to Love Your Neighbor

“For Jesus, to love your neighbor as you love yourself was to practice justice towards your fellow human beings.” In his blog, “So What Does it Mean to Love Your Neighbor“, Derwin Grey unpacks what “loving your neighbor” could (should?) mean for us and asks us to think through applying what we learn. Click here […]

Do Small Churches Need Self-Assessment?

Church Health Thursday favorite Ed Stetzer is back to remind us that some form of assessment is important for all churches.  Yes, there is a product plug in the middle of the article but that doesn’t take away from the rest of Stetzer’s thoughts. Check it out: So Do Small Churches Need Self-Assessment?


This past December I saw a bunch of familiar faces pop up on the Kingsview FMC Facebook page.  Turns out these happy smiling folks were preparing a whole bunch of pancakes as part of Kipling Collegiate Institute’s annual Christmas Breakfast.  I spoke with Pastor Darrin Lindsay to get the scoop. Kipling CI is a high […]