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Though I Walk, a Novel by Dale Harris

Dale Harris is pastor of The Corner Church, a Free Methodist/Nazarene church in Oshawa, ON. He is also a prolific songwriter, avid blogger, and now author. Ancient archeology, Greek mythology, World War II, and love and loss are all part of Dale’s first novel Though I Walk. Growing up, Dale was very interested in the […]

Making Disciples – No Exceptions

A lot of things are still up in the air in terms of making plans, what’s going on with the pandemic, and what “normal” will be. There is a wide variety of responses to whatever is next which includes everything from “I can’t wait to get back to…” to “It will be at least a […]

Financial Impact of COVID-19

Our Administrative and Financial Services team manage finance (including payroll), personal benefits, pensions, investments, property management, corporate administration, bequests and other legal affairs for The Free Methodist Church in Canada. The team works behind the scenes to help our local churches thrive in ministry while ensuring compliance with Canadian legal obligations, accountability, and transparency. One […]

Look Out, Not In

I recently participated in a webinar about church health measures for the local church hosted by an international ministry. The idea was to take a look at the things churches and leaders needed to pay attention to in a post pandemic landscape. I am not here to rag on the webinar or the ministry. It […]

Jacki Barbour – Long Term Care Chaplain

Jacki Barbour is an ordained Free Methodist pastor and a chaplain at Baptist Housing in British Columbia. Jacki was co-pastoring a church with her husband and completing her master’s degree when a friend, who worked at a long term care residence, told her that the residence was looking to add spiritual care for their residents. […]