The Free Methodist Church in Canada has ministry among a variety of ethnic communities across the country.


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Church Planting is a key component of our mission in Canada. Through encouraging the growth of diverse modes of church we are able broadcast the gospel on all Canadian cultural "frequencies".


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Developing gifted and passionate Christian leaders for ministry is a priority.


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We want to be people so surrendered to Jesus that we will do whatever it takes - worldwide - to proclaim His offer of salvation.


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To see a healthy church in the reach of all people in Canada and beyond.


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It's not just about money, or time, or talent. It's really about our deepening our faith in God.


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Speaking Words of Comfort

On Tuesday, May 19, 2020, shortly after take off, a Snowbird jet crashed in the Brocklehurst neighbourhood of Kamloops, BC. Canadian Forces Snowbirds Capt. Jennifer Casey, the aerobatic team’s public affairs officer, was killed and pilot Capt. Richard MacDougall suffered serious, but non-life threatening…

Church Health

Agree to Disagree

As thoughts turn to reopening churches, I have been thinking less about the logistics of that (although I know that matters a lot) and more about what it means to “agree to disagree” as the church. How can we do that well as Christ followers? How can we do that well with our fellow Christ followers?…

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CliffsNotes - June 30, 2020

A New Task Force and Re-Gathering The FMCIC has formed an anti-racism, or pro-equality, or ‘we’re all made in the image of God so how do we live fully into that’ task force. Actually, the Board of Administration did not give the task force a name, they left that to the task force to decide. Step…

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An extensive list of resources that are available to Free Methodist Congregations.

An extensive list of resources that are available to Free Methodist Congregations.

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