The Free Methodist Church in Canada has ministry among a variety of ethnic communities across the country.


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Church Planting is a key component of our mission in Canada. Through encouraging the growth of diverse modes of church we are able broadcast the gospel on all Canadian cultural "frequencies".


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We began cross-cultural ministry in the 1880s, so we have a long history of evangelism, church-planting and holistic ministry engagement around the world.


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Developing gifted and passionate Christian leaders for ministry is a priority.


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We want to be people so surrendered to Jesus that we will do whatever it takes - worldwide - to proclaim His offer of salvation.


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To see a healthy church in the reach of all people in Canada and beyond.


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It's not just about money, or time, or talent. It's really about our deepening our faith in God.


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Wawota Palm Parade

This story is from Reverends Kevin and Beverly Kay from Wawota Free Methodist Church in Saskatchewan.  Wawota boasts a population of 700. This past Sunday, the church held a parade of palms. Beverly sent the following describing the event. Our parade of palms, caravan of connection and care, worked…

Church Health

You Can Do This Church

This is one of those times when it is hard to know what to write. There is so much going on and everything is changing so fast. What do you say? I almost didn’t write anything because there is lots of other stuff to focus on and things aren’t normal, but I wanted to write this because I don’t say…

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CliffsNotes - April 7, 2020

Let me start with giving you pastors some permission and love. It seems that we will not be gathering in person on Sundays in the month of April anywhere in Canada. This means another month (or more) of virtual meetings. Thank you for leaning into the technology, I know that it excites some of you,…

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An extensive list of resources that are available to Free Methodist Congregations.

An extensive list of resources that are available to Free Methodist Congregations.

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