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This spot is going to be a place where you can ask both church and personal financial questions. If you have a financial question send it to the Ministry Centre and we will send you the answer!


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Core is our collective way of supporting the Free Methodist family. Just as, in your local church, when individual donations allow the church to do more than what one individual could do on their own – core, when we collective contribute, allows the bigger family to do more together than we could ever do apart. Here are some ways in which your giving and your local church’s giving to core works …

Together we are planting churches

In fact, 25% of our denomination is made up of church plants. Because of your giving we are a growing family.

Together we are helping churches and pastors to become healthy

Because healthy pastors and healthy churches are what attracts people to the kingdom.

Together we are becoming missional

Which simply means not doing church the way we have always done church (because that’s the way it has always been done) but stopping and looking at where God has placed us, who God has given us and then asking what He wants us to do.

Together we are creating a culture of generous stewardship

This is not to fund the church, but to be who God has created us to be. It is not what God wants from us, but what he wants for us that makes generosity so important. Being generous allows us to conform into His image.

Together we are making disciples

Who follow Jesus passionately, continue to grow in maturity and are taking part in restoring God’s intended wholeness everywhere!


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Many find retirement planning confusing, frustrating and fearful. But take heart. We have help. And a hotline to call…

Who Should I Call? Call the GROUP RETIREMENT SERVICES at Great West Life Assurance: 1-800-754-3402. This is the Call Centre who will verify your account and connect you with a live representative. They can help you with reviewing your account, your investments and to help you with any change.

What Do I Need? You will need your individual Member ID (you can find this number on your pension plan statement) and the FMCiC Policy Number – 65475. If needed, they can also refer you to an investment and retirement specialist for help with other investments/RRSPs.

When Should I Call?

You can call anytime and asked to be referred to a retirement planning specialist. You should call about 1 year before you plan on retiring. Retiring take time to prepare and process. Group Retirement Services will help you with what forms you need to fill out, and give you an idea of how much you can expect each month, when you can expect to receive pension payments and for how long.

What Happens if I Go into Transition?

While you are in transition, you are not contributing to your pension plan. However, when you return to an appointed position, you can resume your contributions to the plan. Upon termination in the plan, you will receive a complete disclosure package with your account balance and the available options to you as a terminated member.

What I Should Do Now?

You may be years from retirement. But there are things you can do now that will help place you in the best position before living on a fixed (and potentially smaller) income:

Review Your Plan Annually – steward your investments wisely

Live on a Budget and Get Out Of Debt

Simplify your Lifestyle

Complete and Pay-off Major Purchases – home repairs, downsizing, car repair/replacement

Get Checked – While you still have coverage, get any dental work, physicals and eye exams recommended.

Get healthy – stewarding your health now will mean less health costs associated with diabetes, blood pressure and coronary heart disease, mobility issues and more that come from not eating right, not exercising and not getting enough rest.

Get Involved – what are you going to do with your retirement? What ministry do you want to get involved in? What can you do now to be ready to serve then?