Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

  • The Continuing Education program provides a systematic way to account for professional development that helps to ensure quality continuing education.
  • This initiative has been mandated by General Conference 2002.  It suggests a minimum requirement for CEUs per year.  The intent is to encourage growth in all ministers and raise the awareness of the biblical call to excellence.  The National Ministerial Education Guidance and Placement (MEGaP) team encourages you to take seriously your need to grow.


  • Approved Educational Institutions for Free Methodist Church/Leadership Scholarship Plan Funding

Leadership Scholarship Plan (LSP)

  • The Leadership Scholarship Plan was initiated to provide financial assistance to students pursuing post-secondary educational studies in approved schools. The LSP program is funded jointly by Lorne Park Foundation and The Free Methodist Church in Canada and administered by the FMCiC office.

Special Scholarships

  • One of the core values of the Free Methodist church is learning. We also seek to invest resources strategically and mature those who desire to grow as part of our national church mission. It is the vision of The Free Methodist Church in Canada to see healthy churches within the reach of all people in Canada and beyond. Developing future leaders is a critical component to meeting the above goals and remaining consistent to our mandate. Embedded in our ethos and initiated by faithful visionaries through our Canadian existence as a church, are scholarships.

The John E. and Phyllis G. Knoll (Lehman) Scholarship

  • This award is made to a student entering Emmanuel Bible College in Kitchener, Ontario from the Free Methodist denomination who is planning to enroll in a ministerial or missions related certificate, diploma or degree program.  It provides $150 per course for the first four courses taken in Distance Education and/or $500 to a new full-time, in-class student.  The total annual disbursement is $750.