Bishops Relief Fund

Church Development

Developing new healthy churches in communities across Canada is a priority. Donations to the Church Development Stream make funds available to help with the start-up of new church plants across the country.

Gateway Cities

General Giving

Global Misssions

Free Methodists want to be involved in touching our world. Donations to the Global Ministries Giving Stream enables support for our Canadians missionaries, provides training for indigenous leaders, allows us to reach into unreached parts of the world, and to share our resources with the poor and disenfranchised.

International Child Care Ministries

Leadership Development

Developing gifted and passionate Christian leaders for ministry in the Free Methodist Church is a priority. Donations to this Stream fund students preparing for ministry in The Free Methodist Church in Canada as well pastor’s conferences and other leadership training programs.

Quebec Ministries

The province of Quebec, with over six million people is the most unevangelized region in North America. The people of Quebec need to be a priority for vibrant Christian witness. Donations to this Stream fund our Ministry Development Facilitator for Quebec who focuses on developing leaders and nurturing new church plants through providing resources, training programs, and mentoring in the French language.

World Relief