Watch The Role of the Delegate

Local Church Delegates [The Manual, Paragraph 320.3]

[3.1] The delegates serve a number of functions. They serve as the ongoing liaison between the local church and the conference and its national leadership team.  They will also serve on the Pastoral Leadership Task Force if the local church enters into a pastoral transition (change of pastors) during their term of office. They also serve as the voting representatives of the local church during conference sittings.  A delegate’s job description is found in ¶375.5.

[3.2] Reserve delegates will serve in the place of delegates at the conference sitting if delegates are not able to serve.

[3.3] The number of delegates to be elected depends on the number of members in a local church and the number of pastors appointed to the local church.  If a church has one appointed pastor (ordained, commissioned, ministerial candidate), it is entitled to one delegate.  A church without an appointed pastor is entitled to send one delegate     

Where two pastors share a single full-time lead pastor appointment, the society is entitled to only one lay delegate corresponding to this pastoral position. 

If there are additional appointed pastors who are full members of the conference (i.e. ordained), who serve the local church at least half-time, the society is entitled to one additional delegate for each additional pastor. 

If the society has more than 75 members over the age of majority, one additional delegate may be elected.  One additional delegate may be elected for each additional 75 members.

[3.4] The number of delegates to be elected shall be according to the number of appointed pastors/and members at the time of the deadline set by the conference for submitting the names of delegate(s).

[3.5] The delegate(s) and reserve delegate(s) may be elected by the society without nomination, each by a majority vote, by a separate ballot.  The society may choose to empower the official board to appoint delegates from its members.  They shall be elected or appointed at the first society/official board meeting immediately following the sitting of conference, and will serve until the next such election.

The delegates should normally serve for a maximum of three consecutive terms. Delegates to be elected for additional consecutive terms must be elected by at least a two-thirds majority.

[3.6] The delegate, or where more than one is elected, the first delegate elected, shall serve on the official board. It may be advisable for all delegates to serve on the official board if this does not unduly increase the size of the board.