One Continuing Education Unit (CEU) is twenty-four (24) contact hours of participation in an organized continuing education experience under qualified supervision that meets: a. the professional development needs identified in a performance appraisal and b. health/growth needs identified by the minister in consultation with the Network Leader.

CEUs are documented events that are submitted to the Personnel office for tracking.

Calculation of contact hours may include the following elements:

  1. In-class time with direct participation between the learner and instructor.
  2. Activities in which there is no onsite instructor present, such as, supervised independent study, computer-assisted instruction, or project-based assignments may be counted if they meet the criteria.
  3. Field experience, laboratory assignments, and projects, if they are sufficiently structured to meet the criteria.

Examples of Laboratory Assignments Completing NCD expanded analysis with calendarized implementation plan.

  • Preparing a Job Description supervised by a facilitator with a calendarized implementation plan
  • Using Performance Appraisal System Tools or the Life Plan supervised by a coach or the Network Leader with a calendarized implementation plan (one time only.)
  • Planning steps to Church Development (i.e. attending Boot Camp, church revitalization training, seminars on how small churches can grow, etc.)
  • National MEGaP training
  • Network Leader’s training
  • Student Ministries Task Force
  • Teaching a course sponsored by The FMCiC (i.e. Foundational course, Toronto School of Church Planting, etc.)
  • Taking official board/leaders on a retreat (i.e. with written plans and teaching.)
  • Missions trip in consultation with Cross Cultural ministries