A Core Conversation…

We are a connectional  family of faith.

From our beginnings, we believed in being a connected people who share resources in order to do what God has called us to do in Canada and beyond.

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By our working – and giving – together, we are able to accomplish far more than we could ever do apart.

  1. Together, we find, train, and support pastoral leaders.
  2. Together, we help churches of all sizes by providing benefits, pensions and payroll for their pastors and staff as well as resources, training, legal and administrative guidance and support for churches.
  3. Together we help pastors finish strong with systems of networking, accountability partners, counselling, scholarships and sabbaticals.
  4. Together we explore ways together to expand the God’s Kingdom through new church plants and Mission opportunities (church planting)
  5. Together we impact the world around us with practical relief and development programs (disaster relief) thru the Bishops Relief Fund, International Child Care Ministries) ICCM and Tearfund Canada.
  6. And together we promote connections in the greater Canadian context through Regional Gatherings, General Conference and the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.

So why are we having this conversation?

At the 1996 General Conference, it was unanimously agreed that all of us would collectively support the Free Methodist family in Canada through our CORE Giving and Giving Streams.

Adopting the model of the Biblical tithe, each local church covenanted together to contribute 10% of their monthly Operating Receipts towards our collective ‘CORE Giving’ – our leadership ministries that support the development of healthy churches across Canada and beyond.

This is not a tax. Or a due.  

When we talk about Core Giving – we are talking about ‘us’.  This is what we covenanted together to do.  Our giving together is how we care for each other, raise up new leaders, grow together and become effective disciples.

It is a matter of faith together…  practicing it and modelling generosity as a church to our church.

Core is not just a covenant and faith, but it is also how we support and mission together – we are all stronger and do more together when we all fully participate with our gifts, CORE giving and prayer.

In our partnership together

A small group of our churches give more than 10% of their operating budget.   But a number of churches give less than 10% for a number of reasons – some are church plants; some churches are struggling; some just don’t give.

The truth is, however, that our ability to effectively support each other depends on all of us giving together.

If your church is contributing your full Core and Giving Stream support, on behalf of all the churches you have helped by your generosity, Thank You.  We could not have done this without you.

If your church is giving partial support, thank you – but we would like to encourage you to take a step of faith and make your core giving a priority as you model giving yourselves first to God and then to each other in overflowing joyous generosity.

We would love to help you grow  – and excel – as a church and in this grace of giving.

We have best practices and resources that can help you.  As part of our family, we really want to see your church thrive and be healthy and fruitful – to be rich in good deeds and in generosity.

Thanks for being family together.

Be Free.

Be Generous.

Be The Free Methodist Church in Canada.