CliffsNotes – October 27, 2020

Your Board of Administration and the National Leadership team met this weekend (Friday and Saturday) by Zoom. We received 2 major reports: one from the task force examining our movement’s commitment to women in leadership, and the other from the task force considering FMCIC’s relationship with the LGBTQ community. We decided to spend another session together in a few weeks to process these very well-presented reports. I look forward to you hearing about these. For now, though let me tell you about your BOA.

We could have begun to discuss and debate how to roll out the recommendations contained in each report, and certainly we did some of that, but there was a brilliant pause moment, that actually took us about an hour. A BOA member reminded us that we should consider what the Holy Spirit might saying to and through each of us. Over the past 3 years we have gone through “Pursuing God’s Will Together” (which if you haven’t yet done as a board, then I highly recommend it). Ruth Haley Barton, the author, explained that a team, group or board should learn to be attentive to feelings of consolation and desolation each member might be experiencing in any given discussion. Consolation being inner feelings, prompts or movements of the Spirit that are essentially positive, that somehow encourage you forward. Consolation is God confirming that you are moving in His direction. Desolation are inner feelings, prompts or movements of the Spirit that should cause one to stop or pause because you are resisting God, or straying from Him. Feelings of desolation should cause the believer to stop and regroup with God.

These feelings are meant to be tested with your team, which for instance may sound like this, “I’m feeling uncertain about this, is anyone else?” or “I have no warning lights going off inside, only a green light. Anyone else?” To be clear, we do not make decisions based solely on these feelings, but they should certainly factor into our decision.  Members of the Body of Christ are designed to need each other, including to listen to God. Teams, boards and groups still need to do the hard work of finding facts, collecting data, doing good Bible study, and we should consider feelings of consolation and desolation that we may be experiencing.

Your BOA had commissioned important reports. These reports were presented to the BOA and they did what a good board should: “before we discuss these any further, let’s check in with each other about anything that the Spirit might be saying to us as we have these reports in front of us.” What we discovered is that our experiences were very similar, and this would then shape our next steps.

This BOA has been on a journey to become healthy, which includes listening to each other, listening to you the FMCiC, listening to the prevailing culture, and most importantly listening to the Spirit. In order to get to this place, these are some of the steps that we have taken:

  • we created a covenant for ourselves,
  • we studied the book mentioned above,
  • we began to emphasize prayer,
  • we introduced an evaluation process for each other (creating a culture of honest conversation),
  • we committed to being a vision-policy board (which required some organizational shifts and the creation of “teams”),
  • we pause to consider feelings of consolation and desolation.

I wanted you to hear something happy and inspiring today.

Also, we will be redoing the Tearfund Sunday Service video and that will be released sometime this week. Sorry for the inconvience. We will get it to you as soon as possible.



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