As a leader, how you spend your time and money has an impact on your ministry. Eventually, the stewardship culture of your church will reflect your personal stewardship. For leaders that means being a faithful steward starts at home and extends to our ministry and professional lives.

As a pastor, you are responsible for overseeing the day to day administration of the church. In conjunction with other leaders such as the governance board, finance committee, treasurer and ministry team leaders, you are accountable for how your church handles and spends money. You not only need to know and understand all the policies and procedures related to the handling of finances, you need to follow them carefully and fully.

If we expect the people of our congregation to handle money as faithful stewards, then as leaders we need to model it within our church. And if we want our people to give back to God generously through the local church, then we must ensure that they can have confidence in how we handle and spend the money they give.