Our Ethos

We have several resources and tools that we use to help support church planting in Canada.

That’s right our most important resource in the FMCiC is our ethos. Here are some things that we are that make FMCiC an especially good environment for church planting.

1.   We are generous – we don’t just support mission work with words we have collected our financial resources and put them  to  good use.

2.  We are open – we are open to all kinds of new churches of all sorts of shapes and sizes. We are proud of the innovators in our movement. We want you to pursue what God has called you to.

3.  We are available – as National Team Leaders in the FMCiC we do our level best to make ourselves personally available to you.


Resonate Greenhouses

Resonate Greenhouses are a national network of church planters and dreamers. These networks provide an environment where Church ideas grow. These organic networks are for church planters and those interested in creating new forms of church. We get together, we tell stories, we inspire one another.


Profile Assessment System

The Profile Assessment System is designed to objectively measure “skills, performance, and personality profile in prospective planters”(- p. 67 Kevin Mannoia, Church Planting: The Next Generation. Indianapolis, IN: Light and Life Communication, 1994). I don’t know if people can be truly objective….However, we use this tool as a starting point for conversations with church planters. Here’s why: we want people to plant churches so bad we can often get ahead of ourselves; we wish church planting on them. By bringing in outside people, who have been trained in behavioural interviews, we are able to get a “second opinion” on the situation. This tools helps us take a step back and evaluate what to do next. Read more about what the PAS is looking for.