“Grass Roots” Initiated”
Commitment not Compliance

The planting of churches is “atmosphered” by FMCiC but the sole initiative for church planting comes from the planters themselves.

The question of where to plant comes primarily from the grass-roots of our movement. We have no giant maps of Canada on which we move churches and pastor around like pieces in a giant game of RISK.

First and foremost we want all the passion and commitment to live in the heart of the planter and the church. This is the most natural place for these things to reside. The alternative approach is for the passion to live inside the denominational leadership and its committees. To us this seems as un-natural and potentially dangerous as removing all of your vital organs and replacing them with external devices. We do not believe that a top down model of church planting is healthy, viable or sustainable. When it comes to planting churches FMCIC values your commitment to the dreams God has given you rather than your compliance with our mechanisms.

Now don’t get us wrong.  As leaders and board members we have dreams for this movement too. Our dream is to see a healthy church in reach of every Canadian and beyond. In order for us to do that we are going to need a broad diversity of church expressions to help us accomplish our dream. Right now, as a largely rural and small town type denomination we need to plant some urban and multicultural churches. That is why we have developed some special funds, conversations, training, expertise and support that will help us foster new forms of plant life. We hope by combining these helpful environments with your passion for all kinds of Canadians and the love that God has for everybody that something beautiful will grow. If you would like to learn more about some of the resources we have to offer, you can start here. Resources

Network Generated/Supported
Peer Lead not Expert Driven

Networks are not only a thing we do they are a part of who we are. Creative and helpful networks of church planters are the very heart and soul of our reproductive “atmosphere” and the support structure for FMCiC Church Plants. We believe they are better than conferences (and even training events) to provide the ongoing support that Church Planters need.

“Chaordically” Developed
Planning and Resourcing not Top Down Planning and Management by Objectives

We allow the patterns, direction, and responses to emerge from our Church Plants as we pursue our central vision of “A Healthy Church within the reach of every Canadian and beyond.”  As a rule we allow things to take their natural course rather than frequent and constant interventions.  We believe in supporting the natural growth that occurs when we actively participate in God’s dreams.

As a Church Planter, we want you to love your work. We want you to pursue God’s dream for your life and neighbourhood. We believe that the best way to do that is to give you the resources as you need them. If some of our resources don’t work tell us and we’ll help you find other ones. The alternative approach is to create a series of hoops and require that you jump through them before you can get the job done. That’s not our style. Let us know how we can help you.