The Free Methodist Church in Canada is committed to seeing a healthy church within the reach of all Canadians and beyond. To accomplish this we work in the following areas:

Church Health – The Free Methodist Church is committed to the health of its local churches. We have developed a strategy we call the LifePlan to ensure that we are faithful to both God and our neighbours.

LifePlan – a cyclic health conversation designed to lead congregations into responding and faithfully adapting to their changing context.

Lifeplan Seminars – a one day indepth look at the LifePlan process. This seminar is designed to train lay leaders and pastor’s to effectively use the tools of the LifePlan process. Call 905-848-2600 to book a seminar.


LifePlan Videos

LifePlan Manual [word]

LifePlan Manual [pdf]

Lifeplan Timeline Planning Sheet [docx]

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French LifePlan Manual 2015 [pdf]

French LifePlan Manual 2015 [word]

French Lifeplan Timeline Planning Sheet

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Congregational Survey [word]

French Congregational Survey [word]

Tally Congregational Survey [xls]

Tally Congregational Survey [French xls]

Ministry Map Exercise Sheet

Dreamsession Worksheet [xls]

Identifying Your Ministry Profile Through pdf / download Word file



Church Planting

Church Planting is a key component of our mission in Canada. Through encouraging the growth of diverse modes of church we are able broadcast the gospel on all Canadian cultural “frequencies”.

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Church Planting Projects



Subsidy information


Subsidy information

Subsidy Application [word file]

French Subsidy Application [word file]

Embryo Grant Application

MCDUFF Fund Application

French Embryo Grant Application

Missional Church Training

“The church exists by mission like fire does by burning” Emil Brunner.

As local churches we are on mission from God in our neighbourhoods. We offer the following courses to support mission.

Culture and the Missional Church – This course is designed to introduce an understanding of culture and theology of mission that informs our engagement with our own communities, with peoples around us who are not like us, and gives foundations for involvement in mission beyond our own borders. Processes and practices for engagement with our own communities, and beyond, are introduced and discussed. Participants must be at least a Ministerial Candidate in the Free Methodist Church in Canada.

Encountering Your Community – This workshop is designed to introduce your church community to the basic principles and practices for encountering your neighbourhood. In this workshop we examine basic steps for developing awareness of your neighbourhood, understanding it’s complexity, and outlining possible responses to what you discover.

To Book a Seminar please call (905)848-2600.