December 2021 Update

We are still planning on meeting for prayer this month at the times and locations below. Please join us as we bring in the New Year with prayer. Here are some things we will be praying about: That God’s people will be full of joy as we look with expectation at what the Lord is […]

November 2021 Update

Praying for the Persecuted Church November 7 was International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (IDOP). I sent out a notice mentioning that and that at our next national prayer meeting, we would spend time praying for them. Many of you, I suspect, feel the plight of those suffering for Christ and want to […]

October 2021 Update

Prayer Points to be Praying About: 1. That churches will know how to respond to the government’s vaccination mandates with a biblical perspective. 2. That God will grant us unity that is found in being of one mind, one love, one spirit and one purpose (Php.2:1,2) as we navigate the turbulent waters of our day. […]

September 2021 Update

21 Days of Prayer and Fasting We are in the last week of this season of earnest seeking after God to give us revelation and grace to meet to deal with three “armies” as we enter this next three years of ministry as a family of churches: 1. Coming out of this last lock down […]

August 2021 Update

Prayer Points for our August 2021 National Prayer Meeting 1. Possible COVID vaccination requirements for those attending church, whether people should be free to decide whether the vaccine is best for their health, and peace between those who differ over these matters. 2. That pastors and congregations will know how to best reach out to […]

21 Days for Prayer and Fasting as We Enter a New Season of Ministry (September 10-30/21)

These are challenging times as we deal with COVID, racial tensions, forest fires, Haiti’s devastation, the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, the Canadian election, and the increasing opposition to the light of the gospel. Jesus said that, “Because of the increase in wickedness the love of many will grow cold” (Mt.24:12). Thank God for His many promises to […]

August 10 Urgent Update: Wildfires

Wildfire Alert! Bishop Cliff, Ken Roth and the National Prayer Team invite you to join us this Thursday, August 12th at 9 pm EDT for an URGENT corporate National Prayer Zoom meeting to pray for our brothers and sisters across Canada whose lives, homes and animals are threatened or have been destroyed by wild fires […]

July 2021 Update

Prayer Points for our June 2021 National Prayer Meeting 1. That we don’t become lethargic in our relationship with the Lord. For some, the pandemic has meant we have had more time to be at home, we are spending less time seeking the Lord. 2. That we would know what our part is in helping […]

June 2021 Update

Prayer Points for our June 2021 National Prayer Meeting 1. That God will guide and empower each national ministry team in the coming 3 years and enable them to inspire and guide our pastors and churches to be salt and light in their communities in ways that reflect God’s “whole-liness” rather than conforming to the […]

May 2021 Update

Prayer Points for our May 26, 2021 National Prayer Meeting 1. That God will help us to discern what He is saying to us at this time and be encouraged & corrected. 2. That we will become a movement of prayer and not just one with prayer. 3. That we will grow in our understanding […]