Protecting a Stewardship Culture in your Church

There are three perceptions that can destroy a stewardship culture in your church. The first is the perception of ingratitude. If you are not really grateful or perceived as though you aren’t grateful, people won’t be generous. We need to thank people and show our gratitude for their giving. We don’t want people to think […]

Stewardship of Time

Seth Godin wrote recently in his blog: Here’s the #1 most overlooked secret of marketing, of growing your organization, of building trust and creating for the long haul. Actually, it has two parts: Show up on time. It doesn’t cost anything to keep your promises when it comes to time. Show up for the meeting […]

Stewardship Messages from Randy Alcorn and Others

I just found the website When I looked up money I found audio messages from Randy Alcorn and others from the 2004 Bethlehem Conference for Pastors. You can find the messages here. Here is the list of messages and speakers: Money and the Disciple – Randy Alcorn When Is Enough Enough? Learning to Live […]