By Tyler David | Article from Vergenetwork.org 23 June 2015 When making decisions, there are situations in life where morality is not enough and we need wisdom. Wisdom is not a teaching, but rather a person named Jesus. When God calls everyone to pursue wisdom, it’s a call to know Him through the Lord Jesus. […]

Life in the rear-view mirror

Another year has come to a close. With it, the opportunity to look in the ‘rear-view mirror’. This helps us to see where we`ve been and can help us with where we want to go. Seeing in the mirror where we were wasteful and selfish gives us a picture of what needs to change in order to […]

Did Jesus spend time with the poor?

This question was asked by Shane Clairborne in the book, ‘The Irresistible Revolution: Living as an Ordinary Radical.’ In the survey, 80 percent said yes. ‘Of course Jesus spent time with the poor!’ However, it was the next question that really got my attention. ‘Do you spend time with the poor?` Only 2% said they […]

Pastor’s Pensions

One of the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ we get asked is about Pastor’s Pensions. Many find retirement planning confusing, frustrating and fearful. But take heart. We have help. And a hotline to call… Who Should I Call? Call the GROUP RETIREMENT SERVICES at Great West Life Assurance: 1-800-754-3402. This is the Call Centre who will verify […]

Moving From a Scarcity to an Abundance Mentality

When I worked in the field of fundraising I attended conferences to develop my skills and abilities. At every conference I went to, I remember presenters focused on the fact that there are a limited number of people with a limited number of dollars willing to donate to charities. So as a fundraiser, you have […]

It’s a Matter of the Heart

I survived the first ever Stewardship Foundational Course. I did much better than just survive – I had a wonderful weekend with the 17 people who attended the course. Here is a picture of our group. As we progressed through our 20+ hours together, we began to joke about how we kept coming back to […]

Randy Alcorn on YouTube

Randy Alcorn has a bunch of videos posted on youtube. Many of them are short videos that you could use in a worship service, Sunday School or small group setting. Here is an example of one where Randy talks about putting your time and resources towards “better” things. If you want to find some of […]

Building a Stewardship Culture in your Church

The following article is based on a presentation by Andy Stanley at Exponential ’04 – a stewardship conference for pastors and ministry leaders. Stanley’s main assertion in his message about stewardship was you’ve got to PREACH IT, TEACH IT, AND CELEBRATE IT. You have to do all three if you want to develop a stewardship […]