It’s Not Mine, And That’s A Good Thing

By Brian Fourman | Article from July 2015 Kid social dynamics fascinate me. I get an up close look each day with four of them scurrying through our home. I see how they play together, get into and solve conflicts and deal with their parent’s demands. It can be uplifting, humorous and disappointing all in […]


By Robert J. Tamasy | Article from Advisors with Purpose Monday Manna June 2015   Evaluating almost any situation, things could be even worse – including the work we do. But that does not mean we should settle for less than what we believe is best for us, if we have a choice. Recently I […]

Fifteen Church Facility Issues

By Chuck Lawless | Article from | August 2014 I know the church is not a building. That is not to say, though, that the building is unimportant. A building says something about the congregation that gathers there; so, we need to pay attention to our facilities. Listed here are fifteen facility issues I and my […]

Considering Lilies

By Jill Carattini | Article from  March 2015 Wendell Berry has written a poem that haunts me frequently. As a creative writer, the act of paying attention is both a spiritual and professional discipline. But far too often my aspirations for paying quality attention to everything dissolves into something more like attention deficit disorder. […]