The Real Reason 80 Percent Of Your Church Don’t Give : Part 4 – Fear Holds Me Back From Giving

by Jana Gering  |  Article from July 9, 2015 **Statistics show that only 20% of regular church attendees regularly give financial support. Why are the other 80% getting lost? There are lots of possible answers to that question, so we’re giving them time and consideration in this 4-part series. In Part 1 we considered the barrier […]

4 Tips for Your Church to Effectively Engage Millennials

by William Vanderbloemen | Article from According to Pew Research, this is the year that Millennials will surpass the Baby Boom generation as the largest living population in the United States. It’s a population we want and need to engage. So let’s begin by defining who, exactly, is a Millennial? According to Pew, the oldest Millennial was […]

We Can Afford to Be Generous

By Brian Zahnd | from  June 30, 2015 Is generosity a risky venture? Can we afford to be generous? Is there enough to go around? Enough for everyone to have their fair share? Enough for all seven billion of us? The human condition is haunted by a fear of scarcity—a pervasive mentality of shortage and insufficiency. […]

The Giving Church

By Jon Weece | Article from  Issue 73: January/February 2015   They asked Jon Weece to turn their failing church around. They got a revolution. Jon Weece is the first person to admit that “The Dollar Club” is “a terrible name” for a charity initiative, but he defends its purpose as “a clear expression […]

Pressed Down, Shaken Together and Running Over

By Jay Link  | Article from November 4, 2013 I believe one of the most misunderstood and misapplied verses in Scripture is found in Luke’s account of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.  Luke adds an additional comment that Matthew omits in his account.  You very likely have heard this verse misquoted as often as […]