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Church Homework

So I finally did my church homework.  I guess it’s more denomination homework.  Well specifically, FMCiC Regional Gathering 2016 homework.  If this year’s gatherings kind of snuck up on you too – in other words attending this weekend’s Regional Gathering in Brantford, ON – don’t panic!  I’m about to give you the Coles Notes version […]

Not Your Typical Youth Group

The total number of youth at our church is seven.  This of course fluctuates from Sunday to Sunday based on the three things: school work, sports and sleep.  Over the past few years, theStory has engaged with youth in a variety of ways including discussion time with a leader on Sunday morning and typical and […]

Church on the Beach

Port Rowan is a small town located on the Gold Coast in the south of Ontario, on Lake Erie.  In the summer months, Port Rowan becomes a destination for local cottagers, campers and boaters.  And last summer, it became a destination for those wanting to experience Church on the Beach. And just what is Church […]

Let’s Work Together

Back in November I received an email from Adrian Collins, pastor of St. Joseph Island Free Methodist Church, asking if I, “Would you have any interest in a story about a rural church collecting quite a bit of food for their local food bank.”  The following is said story. For those of you unfamiliar with […]

Eve and Mary

Two weeks ago, at the Ministry Centre Christmas lunch, Dustin Schellenberg from Crestview Park Free Methodist Church in Winnipeg, MB spoke to our group via Skype.  He shared this image. I found both the image and Dustin’s words unique and powerful.  The following is Dustin’s devotional which he agreed to share with all of you. […]

Summer Job

My first summer job was at a beautiful little tea room in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.  I wasn’t exactly sure what I had been hired to do, but I was fairly confident it would involve pouring tea and serving dainty sandwiches and pastries to tourists, all the while telling them about our charming little island. […]