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How Does the FMCiC Find a New Bishop?

In November 2015, after serving as Bishop for nineteen years, Bishop Keith informed the Board of Administration that he did not intend to serve as Bishop beyond May 2017.  So how does the Free Methodist Church in Canada find a new Bishop?   Do we throw a bunch of names in a hat, pick one and […]

My Sunday at Charlemont FMC

There are a total of five Free Methodist churches within a one hour drive of my house.   So a couple of Sundays ago I decided to hop in my car and drive forty minutes from Sarnia to Wallaceberg to worship with the folks at Charlemont Free Methodist Church. My only previous rural church experience was […]

Why a New Vision Video?

I recently spoke with Lisa Howden, Communications Coordinator, to get the scoop on the new Vision Video. “The original vision video came about came about because a lot of people were trying to communicate what the Free Methodist Church in Canada was all about.  We decided it would be a good idea to outline it […]

Conversations of Grace

One of my favorite things is turning on my laptop to discover an email inquiring if “INSERT GREAT STORY HERE” would be suitable for the FMCiC website.  I recently received this type of email from Dennis Ball, the pastor at Bramalea Free Methodist Church in Brampton, ON.  What’s the great story at BFMC?  They are […]

Affordable, Accessible Churchy Stuff

The only churchy conference I have been to is the FMCiC’s 2014 General Conference.  And I was busy being that annoying social media person getting in everyone’s face to get pics for Twitter and Facebook.  But I did catch enough of Will Willimon to know I would like to hear more.  This led to me […]

When a Woman Asks, “Should I Be a Pastor?”

This past Saturday, I attended a New Leaf Learning Party in Hamilton, ON.  This gathering of church planters is “designed to be everything good about a conference without the usual rigmarole and much more fun and interactive.  Instead of listening to message after message by “gurus” and being filled with information, our goal is for […]

Church Homework

So I finally did my church homework.  I guess it’s more denomination homework.  Well specifically, FMCiC Regional Gathering 2016 homework.  If this year’s gatherings kind of snuck up on you too – in other words attending this weekend’s Regional Gathering in Brantford, ON – don’t panic!  I’m about to give you the Coles Notes version […]

The Weight of Good Friday

A couple of weeks ago, on a warm sunny March afternoon I went for a tromp in the woods with my friend Louisa.    This wasn’t your run of the mill tromp. We were looking for a large visual focal point for our Good Friday service.  We were looking for a big dead tree. A few […]

Not Your Typical Youth Group

The total number of youth at our church is seven.  This of course fluctuates from Sunday to Sunday based on the three things: school work, sports and sleep.  Over the past few years, theStory has engaged with youth in a variety of ways including discussion time with a leader on Sunday morning and typical and […]

Church on the Beach

Port Rowan is a small town located on the Gold Coast in the south of Ontario, on Lake Erie.  In the summer months, Port Rowan becomes a destination for local cottagers, campers and boaters.  And last summer, it became a destination for those wanting to experience Church on the Beach. And just what is Church […]

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