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A Co-operative Dream in the Dominican Republic

“Each morning I look for my father, but he is already gone to work in the fields. I see all the other children in uniform walking to school but I can not go. Most days I wish I could go to school and be fed a hot lunch like all the other kids. All day […]

Healthcare Chaplaincy 101 – Part 2

Read Healthcare Chaplaincy – Part 1 first! Among the people John saw on the day we spoke was a Christian believer who had been in an accident and wanted a pastor;  the mother and girlfriend of an unconscious native man to whom John provided space and materials for them to do a native smudging ceremony; […]

Healthcare Chaplaincy 101 – Part 1

Ever wonder what a chaplain does?  Me too!  Over the next few months, I’m going to be chatting with some chaplains to find out what is what in the world of chaplaincy.  A few months ago, I had the joy of speaking with John Vlainic, Chaplain at Hamilton General Hospital in Hamilton, ON. John has […]

World Relief 101

I recently spoke with Don Miller, World Relief Canada’s Church Engagement Officer.  Don is an ordained Free Methodist minister.   Prior to joining World Relief, he pastored at Arlington Woods in Ottawa, ON for sixteen years and then worked at the Canadian Bible Society. World Relief is focused on “Empowering developing communities so they mobilize their […]

Light at the End of the Tunnel

“Your church might be going through rough times but don’t be discouraged.  Because with prayer and your congregation coming together, you can move through difficulty and see God at work.  That is what we have seen at Bramalea – the hands of God at work.” These encouraging words are from Audrey Isaacs, the board chair […]

Full Tuition…WHAT?!

“One of the core values of the Free Methodist church is learning. We also seek to invest resources strategically and mature those who desire to grow as part of our national church mission. It is the vision of The Free Methodist Church in Canada to see healthy churches within the reach of all people in […]

Hiding Behind My “New” Christian Identity

A friend recently said to me, “You really aren’t a new Christian anymore.  Why do you keep calling yourself that?” I began my search for God thirty-five years ago.  I started regularly attending church eleven years ago.  I joined a study group nine years ago.  And I was baptized seven years ago.   Merriam-Webster defines […]

Happier Birthdays

In 2011, Dawn Killough woke at 3am and in her heart felt the Lord say, “I want you to go give birthday parties to people in senior homes.” Shortly after they were married, Dawn and her husband Rod began ministering to seniors when they started a kids club at their church. The seniors from their […]

Family Violence, Faith Communities and Secular Social Services

“To date, little has been published about the place of spirituality in working with survivors of intimate partner violence. Overcoming Conflicting Loyalties examines the intersection of faith and culture in the lives of religious and ethno-cultural women in the context of the work of FaithLink, a unique community initiative that encourages religious leaders and secular […]

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