I love a great find!! This site is designed to share some creative ideas, resources, best practices, to’s and maybe some personal thoughts about life at the Ministry Centre and the communications department. Whenever I come across something that has made life easier (design-wise), or have found something that I have found helpful, I like to pass it along. Feel free to share your “finds” as well!
Collaboration is about all of us working together!

Why a responsive website

            Hello there friends, Our website has recently undergone a full renovation. We are now using a responsive web design . . . one website “view-able” on many devices. One of the most appealing aspects of responsive web design is that a responsive website can provide a great user-experience across many […]

Staff Learning @ the Ministry Centre

This morning the Staff at the Ministry Centre and it sattelite offices (Personnel, Generosity) took time to pause and reflect on how we can better work together and what we can do to strengthen our work relationships. It was a great time! Some of the suggestions surrounded getting more opportunities to connect with each other, […]

11 Rules of Writing

To join two independent clauses, use a comma followed by a conjunction, a semicolon alone, or a semicolon followed by a sentence modifier. Use commas to bracket nonrestrictive phrases, which are not essential to the sentence’s meaning. Do not use commas to bracket phrases that are essential to a sentence’s meaning. When beginning a sentence […]

Choosing the right font for the setting

I came across a great article about choosing the right font for a project. Many times people can be distracted from your writing because of a bad font choice (or bad design). Here’s an article from Before & After that has some really good advice. Your design or font should never make it hard for […]

Good image resource sites

I sometimes get calls/emails about where I find the images that I use when designing. There are many sites available, but the two that I rely on the most are DesignPics and Istockphoto – because of their large selection and their reasonable pricing. With DesignPics I have an account (I pay a set fee every […]