CliffsNotes – April 28, 2020

“According to Your steadfast love refresh me and give me life, so that I may keep and obey the testimony of Your mouth.” Psalm 119:88 (AMP) I read this today. I stopped and parked at “according to Your steadfast love refresh me and give me life”. By “parking” of course I mean meditating, which Scripturally […]

CliffsNotes – April 21, 2020

What about General Conference??  The National Leadership Team and General Conference Planning Committee met to map out a plan. We brought our recommendation to the Board of Administration for approval and today I am introducing the plan to you!  The most current forecasts about our socio-economic state one year from now are, at best, ambiguous. The truth is […]

CliffsNotes – April 14, 2020

Christ is Risen! I thought maybe you would appreciate some non-Covid19 talk. Before the pandemic I had interviewed Joel Martin, a member of one of our churches. I’ve enjoyed getting to know Joel as he is a member of the National Prayer Team. I have found him to be a man of God with important […]

CliffsNotes – April 7, 2020

Let me start with giving you pastors some permission and love. It seems that we will not be gathering in person on Sundays in the month of April anywhere in Canada. This means another month (or more) of virtual meetings. Thank you for leaning into the technology, I know that it excites some of you, […]

CliffsNotes – March 31, 2020

Taking Responsibility & Meeting With You This Week I had to cancel a field trip to a youth center in Ingersol, Ontario. I had invited some pastors who had spoken to me about some of their sanctified dreams, and I thought that a walk thru of the Fusion Youth Center would generate exciting conversation. This is a You […]

CliffsNotes – March 24, 2020

National Prayer Time on the 28th & Lessons from a Tornado Let me start with a thank you to our churches who are finding ways to meet needs in your community. Practical needs like groceries, toilet paper, prayer and counselling support – I was reminded that homes that already experience abuse, will be especially dangerous […]

CliffsNotes – March 17, 2020

Canceled Sundays, General Conference and Kingdom Work in a Ghost-town! Many of you had to cancel Sunday morning service. I see that several of you live-streamed your service. Praise God for that type of technology. The question that I find myself asking is one that a dear friend asked me, “if the Sunday morning service […]

CliffsNotes – March 10, 2020

Pandemic Preparedness, General Conference & A Musical Idea Is it our responsibility as a Church to be prepared for a pandemic? Your local church is committed to “accept responsibility for their community.” This is a community threat which is both a medical issue and a mental health issue. There is fear of the physical consequences […]

CliffsNotes – March 3, 2020

Another General Conference Resolution & Strategic Planning in Balmy SK! Is your church readying for “General Conference 2020: Be Free!”? Are you praying for our time together? Are you reading, and prayerfully discussing the resolutions? Are you registered for the Prayer Summit? Are you registered for GC? Today our Board of Admin secretary, Dr. Dave […]

CliffsNotes – February 25, 2020

We are in a series in preparation for General Conference (have you registered yet?). I hope that as a church family you are participating in the call to pray for General Conference, and discussing resolutions that are being presented. Most of these are not new to you. They have been discussed at Regional Gatherings, in […]