5 Essential Elements of a Transformational Small Group Environment

“Transformational discipleship involves moving from the row of chairs in your church or church pew where you are simply in proximity to one another, to sitting in circles, to then being in community with one another.” – Ed Stetzer “5 Essential Elements of a Transformational Small Group Environment,”  gives us things to think about as we […]

7 Ways To Honor Your Pastor’s Wife

I was very fortunate as a pastor.  I got to be part of churches that treated my wife – in fact my whole family very well.  But I know that isn’t everyone’s experience.  So here are some ideas for people who want to minister the pastor’s spouse.  I know the article says wife in the […]

When You Assume… (Church Growth Edition)

“We all make assumptions. I do. You do. And they’re almost always wrong. Especially on complex subjects, like those that involve God and people. Subjects like church health and growth.” – Karl Vaters In “When You Assume…(Church Growth Edition)“, Karl Vaters, the small church guy, helps us sort through assumptions we make about what a healthy […]

Clickbait Headlines Are Killing My Soul

We see them every day on our social media feeds.  And we have all kinds of reactions – we click, we share or we ignore…but we have a response.  This week, Stephen Altrogge helps us think through “clickbait”. Click here (get it clickbait…click here) to read, “Clickbait Headlines Are Killing My Soul.”