8 Ways to Miss the Point of Small Group

In her article 8 Ways to Miss the Point of Small Group, Kristin Wetherell draws attention to the fact that “sometimes we’d rather pursue what’s easier and more comfortable, but this approach lacks transforming power to draw us nearer to God and each other”.   Click here to read the full article: 8 Ways to Miss […]

Three Ways to Make the Local Church Feel More Like a Family

In his article “Three Ways to Make the Local Church Feel More Like a Family”, Chris Martin makes this statement: “Perhaps the clearest step local churches can take is to invest time and energy into the community life of the church, and make every effort to make the church feel more like a family than an institution“. […]

Beautiful, Missional Feet

“In the Bible we read about “beautiful feet” (Romans 10:15). Mine are not beautiful, I assure you, in their human form. However, they are made more beautiful when they move—when they go on mission—and are missional feet.” Read all of Ed Stetzer’s “Beautiful, Missional Feet.”

Evangelism is a Four Letter Word

“I get it. Culture is changing rapidly and radically. The methods we have used successfully for decades have become ineffective, even counter-productive. Heaven? Spiritual laws? Bible verses? These no longer spark spiritual interest. Evangelism training isn’t what it used to be, but in many cases is uncertain of what it should be.” Read all of […]

Why Small Churches Get Stuck: Valuing Busyness Over Relationships

Does your weekly schedule looks like this: Sunday included Sunday School, the morning worship service, youth choir in the afternoon, Training Union and the evening worship service. Visitation was on Monday. Various leadership meetings as well as basketball in the gym on Tuesday. Wednesday consisted of RA’s and GA’s (boy’s and girl’s clubs), prayer meeting and choir practice for […]

The Difference Between Nice and Kind—and Why It Matters

“I’ve been distressed in recent years by so many Jesus followers who are more interested in picking a fight than making a friend. Someone told me recently that we never lead our enemies to follow Jesus, but we do lead our friends. Christians have been quick to bypass kindness and prefer to begin a shouting […]

How to Help Church Guests Understand What’s Happening

“One of the reasons people are hesitant to try attending a church for the first time is that they’re not sure what to expect. In fact, they probably expect it to be a little bit awkward and uncomfortable. Over time, it’s important for your church to become known as a place where people will be […]

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