Church Health
The vision of the Free Methodist Church is to see a healthy church within the reach of every Canadian and beyond. Here are some of the ways that we are currently working to make that happen.

How to Help Your Kids Fall Deeper in Love With God

“Discipleship is both initiated and cultivated in the home. Parents have more influence than they can ever imagine when it comes to the spiritual development of their children. When children see faith displayed in the lives of their parents, they naturally will want to display those same qualities”~Erin Woodfin, full time Children’s Minister at Immanuel […]

The Value of a Coach

I have been thinking quite a bit about coaching lately and that’s probably because, as a movement, we’ve recently deployed 6 Regional Coaches across the country. Our hope is that these coaches will help pastors, boards and leaders in each local church build and maintain robust health, as each church accepts responsibility for its community.  […]

Great Churches Aren’t Perfect Churches

The fact that all churches are imperfect does not justify lack of vision, casual leadership, or sloppy programs. It’s merely a truth that can help us as leaders see that making progress and solving problems is core to our work. If successfully leading a local church was easy, nearly anyone could do it. There would […]