Church Health
The vision of the Free Methodist Church is to see a healthy church within the reach of every Canadian and beyond. Here are some of the ways that we are currently working to make that happen.

Ten Types of Churches That Need Revitalization

In the article Ten Types of Churches That Need Revitalization, Ed Stetzer writes “Most churches start out with life because there was either a person or a team that had a vision of growing the kingdom of God. They don’t start out with the idea that they will be an insignificant part of their community.” […]

Listen. It’s a Ministry.

In his article Listen. It’s a Ministry, Dane Ortlund says “To listen to someone, to really listen, is to break out of the prison of self-referentiality where we all tend to live. It’s to get out of yourself—to leave Self behind. It’s to hear what another says and resist the instinctive urge to map it […]

7 Ways We Put a Not Welcome Sign on Our Church

  In his article ‘7 Ways we Put  a Note Welcome Sign on Our Church‘ Ron Edmondson says this “Of course, none of us would intentionally place a “Closed for Business” sign on our church doors. But, it was a great way to jar my thoughts about some practices churches occasionally have, which, intentional or […]

It’s More Than One “Big” Conversation

I recently read an article about conversations and it left me thinking.  The author wrote (in part)… “Have you ever had one of those conversations that, even though you may not have realized it at the time, you later recognized as a life changing ‘a ha’ moment?  You know, that visit over coffee with a […]

How to Help Your Kids Fall Deeper in Love With God

“Discipleship is both initiated and cultivated in the home. Parents have more influence than they can ever imagine when it comes to the spiritual development of their children. When children see faith displayed in the lives of their parents, they naturally will want to display those same qualities”~Erin Woodfin, full time Children’s Minister at Immanuel […]