Muppets, Cookies, Christmas and You

I’m writing this just after the first Sunday of Advent.  It’s the Christmas season.  That time of year where we get too busy and where all kinds of things can get sideways in us and our relationships.  It’s not supposed to be that way.  It just sort of happens if we aren’t careful. So with […]

Check-up Time

As some of you are aware, every week on the FMCIC website and Facebook page we post a link to what we hope is a helpful article.  We do it to celebrate Church Health Thursdays – a day that I totally made up but that works.  If you haven’t checked them out please do and […]

Reading Books So You Don’t Have To!

I enjoy the writing of Gordon Macdonald – his book “A Resilient Life” is worth anybody’s time but that’s a different blog.  So awhile back when I discovered that he was writing about Leadership Development/ Discipleship I was interested.   The book in question is “Going Deep.”  It is a fictional account of a church […]

Something New and Healthy!

So here is something new; actually a couple of things. New thing number one: Church Health Thursday.  With the help of my friend Alison McKinnon, we are going to provide you with a link on Facebook to an article or blog post or something every Thursday.  My hope is that these posts will give us […]