Church Health
The vision of the Free Methodist Church is to see a healthy church within the reach of every Canadian and beyond. Here are some of the ways that we are currently working to make that happen.

7 Ways Smartphones Have Changed People at Your Church

In his article 7 Ways Smartphones Have Changed People at Your Church, Rich Birch states: “I’m not adopting a “technology is bad” point of view in this article. In fact, I’m not taking a “technology is good” point of view either. Rather than debate the value of the smartphone in our people’s lives I’m asking […]

What to do when your church hits a plateau

Rick Warren provides some insight when things seem to be at a standstill … I hear it frequently: “My church has hit a plateau. What can I do to get it moving again?”  While this can be a common crisis, it’s not unfixable. There are several things you can do to help your church move beyond its […]

Small Churches Can Do Big Ministry!

‘The size of the church never limits the scope of God’s power. God does big things in small churches! It’s not the size of your church as much as what God wants to do through your church’, Dan Reiland. To read the full article click here: Small Churches Can Do Big Ministry!

Three Common Idols in Churches

In his article Three Common Idols in Churches, Eric Greiger lists three common idols in churches: 1. Idols of Place 2. Idols of the Past 3. Idols of Programs Click here to read the full article: Three Common Idols in Churches  

How Engaged Are We With Scripture?

So a couple of weeks ago, Bishop Cliff shared an interview he conducted with Lawson Murray of Scripture Union Canada.  The point of the interview was to encourage us towards greater Scripture engagement.  If you missed those Cliff’s Notes, the links are here: By the way, if you want to receive Cliff’s Notes […]

Is A Successful Small Church An Oxymoron?

In his article ‘Is a Successful Small Church an Oxymoron?’, Karl Vater, pastor at Cornerstone Christian Fellowship in Fountain Valley, California writes: “We’ve convinced ourselves that successful equals big. So small must equal failure. Therefore, anytime you have “small” and “successful” in the same phrase – voila! Instant oxymoron. But one of the goals Jesus […]

8 Good Questions to Evaluate Your Church

It’s easy to get so busy doing ministry that you don’t take the time to evaluate your ministry. But evaluation is how you get better. It’s like your annual physical. No one wants to get a check-up, blood work, and maybe a test or two, but that’s how you learn what you need to know. […]

Do It, Don’t Blog It

Does all our online chatter about being missional keep us from being missional? That’s the question that Dan Kimball explores in the article, the ease of simply reading blogs about being missional in the comfort of our homes versus actually going out into our community to be missional. Click here for the full article: Do […]

5 Types of Podcasts to Feed Your Soul and Mind

I get asked an interesting question every now and then and it’s something we all get asked in some form or another. It used to be “What are you reading?”  But recently it has become “What podcasts are you listening to?”  Rather than give you a list of specific podcasts, let me give you of […]

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