I Feared the Psalms

I’m in the process of working my way through a Chronological Bible for my devotions.  Just in case you aren’t sure, a Chronological Bible does its best to present the events of Scripture in the order they occurred – at least in the opinion of the editors and/or scholars responsible for that Chronological Bible.  The […]

The How To Be Ready for Transition Check List

Much of my work involves churches in transition so I thought I would provide a how-to-be-ready-for-transition check-list.  It’s a handy list for churches currently in transition and those that are not. Every church will eventually be a church in transition. Every pastor is an interim pastor.  Sure some churches go longer between transitions than others.  […]

Good Goat Guys

The Day of Atonement was a holy day set aside for fasting, prayer confession of sin and sacrifice for sin.  Two goats were required for the Day of Atonement – and a whole bunch of other stuff but I’m all about the goats right now.  One goat was killed as a sin offering for the […]

Shameless Plug Day

Today is shameless plug day.  I want to inform/ remind us all of some of the FMCiC resources available to you and your church as you work on this whole area of church health.  Ready?  Here we go. The Lifeplan. The LifePlan is a cyclic health conversation designed to lead congregations into responding and faithfully […]

Don’t Follow Me on Twitter

Someone I don’t know followed me on Twitter the other day.  I felt a little bad for them.  I am bad at Twitter.  I am not great at Facebook either but that’s a whole other blog.  If you know me and follow me on Twitter, I don’t feel bad for you.  You should know better.  […]

No Book Deal for Me

I’m never going to write a book.  Well, I’m pretty sure I’m not going to write a book.  I mean, I have no plans for a book.  I don’t dream of being an author.  And writing this blog just about kills me so I can’t imagine writing much more than this.  So chances are good […]

Writers and Handymen Needed!

So I want to tell you the first couple of chapters of a story.  This story is still being written but there is the opportunity for other characters and plot lines that could involve you or someone you know.  So read on! The story starts with Vaughn.  Vaughn has been a Christ follower for forty […]


So here is a thing I am noticing as I spend time around people – we are story tellers.  And when we tell stories, we often make ourselves the hero of the story. We are the put upon hero who has to overcome all kinds of “evil” ranging from diabolical coworkers to incompetent service industry […]