Shattered Dreams

Happy New Year! Buh Humbug!!! That’s how I felt a few months ago. Nearing the last quarter of the year, we tend to take stock of the year and begin to think about the year ahead. Plans need to be made! I didn’t want to think about setting goals and building the strategies that need […]

Mentoring Leaders: Investing in the future

Bookstore shelves today are lined with volumes on the subject of leadership. They are addressing an important need – or perhaps better, a desperate need. The post-World War II Christian leaders who emerged on the international scene with such vision and energy in the 1950s have largely moved off the stage today.Dr. Ted’s death in […]

Free Methodist Mentoring Stories

Barrie’s ExperienceCliff Fletcher, Lead Pastor – Barrie FMC, in Ontario We’ve seen some really great things go on here in Barrie. I was asked recently if I would do things differently knowing what I know now, having learned the lessons we’ve learned as a church family. That’s an easy one: “Of course!” The biggee would […]

Reflections from a mentor and a mentee

Reflections On Mentoring | Roy R. Matheson, Th.D.From time to time I have been approached by another person and asked if I would mentor them. Often I have responded positively and an interesting journey has begun. Just as often, for a variety of reasons, I have declined the invitation. Since it requires a significant time […]

A stroke of faith

Baird Point, New York “Jenna…Jenna…Jenna! Come on honey, wake up!” Each call of my name was punctuated by a tug on my sleeping bag. I pulled the blankets up and over my head sighing as the intruder’s voice became muffled and her nagging quieted.” Jenna,” Mom sounded smug, “You’re swimming today.” She explained that we […]

Ignite Ministries

I could see it in their faces and hear it in their voices – passion and determination! Here were six women excited about what God is doing and passionate to find significant ways to accomplish a vision that God has given them. I heard their determination as they talked with Keith and me about a […]

The Odessa Project

This entire project began from a vision God gave to Karen to start a simple Bible study in this small community for women who do not attend church. Supported by the Free Methodist’s pastor wife, Karen and a friend started a Bible Study. These two ladies along with a few others started a Bible Study. […]

All time favorite CD’s

Music is my passion. I enjoy worshiping God with it, but I can’t deny its ubiquitous nature in the world around us. It is everywhere, and it moves people emotionally (both in the positive and negative). I think this is why I tend to gravitate toward music that speaks to me about God, but does […]

The Fabric of our Lives

One of the things that I love to do in my spare time is Cross Stitch. I don’t do it too often, so when I get the opportunity, I really enjoy it. I brought my project that I recently started to a Pastor and Wives Retreat because I knew I would have some quiet moments […]

The Other Congregation

They acknowledge God — but they will probably never come to church Sunday morning. They appreciate Christian fellowship — but they may never join other worshippers in the sanctuary. They have real needs and find sympathy and compassion from believers in Moose Jaw’s First Church — but most of them may never choose to come […]