Thoughts and concerns about emerging ideas

These are some thoughts that I, a 30 year old youth pastor, have been thinking about in terms of the emerging church. I hesitate to dip my toe into the deep waters, but I might as well jump in head first. The following are my thoughts and concerns that come out of my desire to […]

Killing fields become harvest fields

Pastor Sok Em in Kampong Chnang, Cambodia recently sent a report from the Evangelical Fellowship of Cambodia. The General Secretary stated that there are over 2000 churches in Cambodia [15 million] and 235 churches in Phnom Penh, the capital [1.7 million]. That’s roughly one church for every 7-8,000 people. This is phenomenal growth when you […]

Thai-Cambodia Experience: A Journal

[Thursday January 11] Some people have wondered why in the world would I head to Thailand and Cambodia? What does that have to do with Ecclesiax? Short answer… people. Other part of that answer: Ecclesiax is not the centre of the universe God loves ALL people… [Sunday January 14] Attended a sister, Thai church in […]

Carrying hope into the future

If you are like me, this time of year always causes me to become very reflective. I spend a lot of time thinking about the past – performing a “searching moral inventory” of myself. I reflect on where I was this time last year and ask myself: “Have I become more Christ-like? How many opportunities […]

Hints for contributing a letter

Council debates application for gay pride parade…Statistics show increase in abortions in health region…More couples choose cohabitation over marriage… These are examples of headlines that could run in any newspaper across our country. They are headlines that as Christian, we know address not only media items, but matters of morality — matters of faith. But […]

Introducing people to the God of compassion

Editor’s Note: We all have a role to play in influencing the areas in which we work and live. This article focuses primarily on one way individuals are making a difference in the lives of people facing terrible circumstances. I think there are larger lessons incorporated in these experiences that we can draw on and […]


New Faculty Will Enhance Tyndale’s Reputation as a Leading Christian Institution of Higher EducationTORONTO (January 12, 2007) – David Zimmer, MPP Willowdale was joined by Dr. Brian C. Stiller, President of Tyndale University College, to announce the approval by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities for Tyndale to apply to operate a teachers college. […]

A delay is not a denial

WHEN GOD? WHEN EXACTLY? WHEN?If your plans are postponed, or hindered for a time, even if your plans are coming to pass but very slowly, or they get stopped altogether – these can all be classified as delays. Perhaps you have been thinking . . . “I have waited for days; weeks; months and even […]