Culture and the Missional Church – Spring 2010

On a recent episode of CBC Radio’s “Tapestry,” reporter Kevin Sylvester explored ‘the silencing of the bells.’ He discovered that his own local Catholic church’s bell-tower did not have any bells in it. Then he proceeded to ask about bells across the city of Toronto. Knox Presbyterian Church has bells, but stopped using them because […]

International Child Care Ministries – Fall Issue 2009

On a regular basis we have spoken to sponsors who are not only helping feed, clothe and educate children but are doing it in practical yet creative ways by involving their church and community. Here is an example In Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan the First Free Methodist Church puts together a monthly luncheon geared to serve […]

10 Stewardship issues every church leader should consider – Spring Issue 2009

Whether whispered silently in our heads or energetically wrestled through in leadership meetings, economic fears challenge churches. We offer hope and meaning to our communities and a world growing more restless in finding truth. What a terrible price to miss authentic ministry because we lacked financial resources, especially when our neighbors may be driven to […]

Decision Making and Technology – Winter Issue 2009

Decision Making and Technology I’m sure you have heard Christians around you say things like “I am seeking God’s will about my career move” or “I’m not sure what to do next, I don’t know if I am in the centre of God’s will”. Maybe you have even said these types of things yourself. I […]

Giving Streams Current Financial Report – Fall Issue 2008

GIVING STREAMS participation helps to support a number of ministry areas that maximize our impact beyond our local churches. Each church, at the local level, decides what contributions will be made and where those funds will be directed. These “together” ministries allow our influence to expand throughout Canada and beyond. Your monthly Remittance Form has […]