The same but different – Fall Issue 2009

I have four sisters, and although we were all raised by the same parents, we are all quite different. Most of the differences arise primarily from the things that motivate us and capture our attention. As we were growing up, these differences in our personalities were the things that we celebrated in each other – […]

Working together – Summer Issue 2009

Did you know that you gave away ten new homes to families living in displacement camps who were affected by the tsunami? Well you did. Just after the tsunami hit in 2005, Free Methodist churches and individuals from across Canada – moved by the devastating loss of life and property – donated over $220,000 to […]

Drawing circles – not dots – Winter Issue 2009

Drawing circles – not dots I needed an answer – it was down to the wire and I was completely and utterly stuck. I had prayed about this decision [as all good Christians do] and had waited for God to direct me and  . . .  nothing.  When I find myself in troubling situations, like […]

It’s hard to live in two worlds

In early December, after spending some time in prayer, I began to have an uneasy feeling that 2008 was going to be a challenging year for me. I say that I felt uneasy because, like many, I am a creature of comfort and I am not used to being troubled with problems that can’t be […]

A Great Light has entered the world.

Why would God give the gift of His son to me? That is the question I ask myself most at Christmas time. What makes Almighty God decide to come to earth in our form – be born in cold and stark surroundings and live among his creation? Perfect love – that’s what. God’s love for […]

Sanctification is an ongoing process

If you were to ask me what I like most about my car, I would have to confess that it’s the horn. I love my horn and I use it all the time. Recently, a friend and I were on our way, in my car, to have some lunch. We were chatting about a particular […]

What do living generously and dandelions have in common?

One of my responsibilities at the Ministry Centre is to provide design support as needed. So when I first heard the theme for our next General Conference in 2008, [You’ve been treated generously, so live generously – that’s so like Jesus.] my thoughts jumped immediately to the best way it could be graphically explained. I […]