Offer them Christ – Spring Issue 2010

Every day when I come into the Ministry Centre, I walk past a print of a short, elderly man standing on a wharf talking earnestly to a man who is about to be rowed out, with others, to a sea-going ship. It’s clear from the artist’s interpretation that the conversation is serious and indeed it […]

What about a healthy mindset of chosen poverty? – Spring Issue 2009

I recently watched a very thought-provoking video lecture entitled The Story of Stuff. In her presentation, Annie Leonard, who is an expert in international sustainability and environmental health issues, explores the impact of consumerism and materialism on global economies and international health. She talks about the North American practices  of extraction, production, distribution, consumption and […]

What is it like to be healthy?

When I was in either Grade nine or ten at Uxbridge Secondary, I signed up for a First Aid course with Mr. Cascomb, one the gym teachers at our high school. We learned a lot about ways to treat injuries and even save lives. Yet, the one thing that I remember most is where he […]

General Conference Theme 2008

You’ve been treated generously so, live generously- that’s so like Jesus! If you were asked to strike the theme of the next General Conference, what would you choose? We’ve had some great General Conferences in the past with some wonderful themes – “Called to declare Jesus—anywhere, any time, in all kinds of ways” [2005]; “Our […]