L’acte de remarquer

Il y a quelques années, je suis descendu dans mon sous-sol pour prendre une douche. Sur la dernière marche, avant d’atteindre l’interrupteur d’éclairage, je suis entré dans un pouce d’eau. Le chauffe-eau avait fait un trou et inondé le sous-sol. Après avoir coupé l’eau, vidé ce que nous pouvions et aspiré les flaques d’eau, ma […]

McDuff Funding

Rental Subsidy Through the MCDUFF Fund One of the tasks the 2005 General Conference mandated that we find ways to encourage church planting in Major Urban Centres. This initiative proposes unique funding problems.  As you are probably aware real-estate and permanent space in the heart of our Major Urban Centres is very expensive.  These prohibitive […]

Embryo Grant Application

Embryo Grant Application Embryo grants are designed to help churches in the initial stages of planting to get off the ground. All proposals will be sent to the Church Development subcommittee of the Board of Administration and voted upon.   Embryo Grant  Application [Eng] Embryo Grant Application [Fr]

Introduction Recommended Reading

Making Disciples A Few at a Time [PDF]  “The Little Chart” on Christian Development [PDF]   Invitation to a Journey: A Road Map for Spiritual Formation, Robert Mulholland Jr.   Move: What 1000 Churches Reveal about Spiritual Growth, G Hawkins & C Parkinson   A Model for Making Disciples: John Wesley’s Class Meeting, Michael Henderson […]

Milepost #4 Recommended Resources

After You Believe by N T Wright [Amazon.ca]   The Ministry of the Missional Church by Craig Van Gelder  [Amazon.ca]   Invitation to a Journey: A Road Map for Spiritual Formation, Robert Mulholland Jr. [Amazon.ca]   A Model for Making Disciples: John Wesley’s Class Meeting, Michael Henderson [Amazon.ca]   Celebration of Discipline, Richard Foster [Amazon.ca] […]

Milepost #3 Recommended Resources

Partnership course The Free Methodist Church views all baptized believers as members of the Body of Christ. We also place a value on working together inter-connectedly with those who have a commitment to the values and practices of our particular Christian faith-family. This study material explores what it means to make a ‘covenant‘ or ‘partnership’ […]

Milepost #2 Recommended Resources

Discipleship Essentials: A Guide to Building Your Life in Christ [Amazon] This study guide written by Greg Ogden has been available in continuous use for more than 20 years. Designed to be used in groups of 3, there are 25 sessions that lay a foundation of the basics of Christian living. Easily usable by everyday […]

Milepost #1 Recommended Resources

Who is Jesus, Really? [to be developed] This simple 5 session study examines key incidents in the life of Jesus via the Gospel of Luke, with questions for discussion.     Following Jesus The Following Jesus studies (5 modules, 5 sessions each) are designed for seekers who have had an introduction to the life of […]

FMCIC Resources

 Here is an alphabetical listing of all the resources on our website. We have tried to make the list as comprehensive as possible. 100 Church ChallengeAffiliated MinistriesArticles of ReligionArticles of Religion Brochure [PDF]BasesBenchmarks for a healthy churchBishop’s Notes Building a PartnershipCamps & Retreat CentresCentral PayrollChaplaincyChaplainsCharitable Government Forms Child Abuse Prevention PolicyChurch Delegate ListservChurch Plant Subsidy/Embryo/McDuff PolicyChurch PlantingChurch […]