Women in Ministry (FMCUSA, FMCIC)

download pdf Women in Ministry The North American General Conference of 1974 (of which Canadian Free Methodists were a part) passed a resolution “giving women equal status with men in the ministry of the church” (General Conference Minutes, p. 388). According to the report of that Conference in Light and Life magazine, the vote was […]

The Security of Believers

download pdf The Security of Believers:  A Free Methodist Perspective At one time, being “for” or “against” eternal security was a major point of identity for many Christians, but today, for a growing number, it is no longer an issue that hinders fellowship in the Body of Christ.  This statement attempts to clarify how Free […]

Open Theism

           REGARDING “OPEN” OR “FREE-WILL” THEISM In recent years some evangelical thinkers have attempted to approach the age-old question of how to relate the biblical teaching regarding God’s power, knowledge and activity to the biblical teaching on (God-given) human freedom. Their approaches are often called “open theism” or “free-will theism.” We […]

Divine Healing

download pdf This statement on Divine Healing was approved by the 2002 Canadian General Conference of The Free Methodist Church in Canada (revised 2011) and is the official position of the FMCIC. 630.1.3 Divine Healing All healing, whether of body, mind, or spirit has its ultimate source in God who is “above all and through […]

Baptism and Dedication

download pdf People coming to the Free Methodist Church from other Christian traditions are often surprised to find that babies can be dedicated or baptized. Most church families in Christendom have chosen only one of these. Why does the Free Methodist Church make provision for people to do either? To clarify this matter we will […]

The Environment

download pdf The Environment I. Introduction. II. What does Scripture Say? III. What about Wesley and our Methodist Roots? IV. The Evangelical Declaration on the Care of Creation. V. What about Global Warming? VI. Common Misunderstandings. VII. Caring for Creation and the Worship of God. VIII. Ideas for Environmentally Focused Ministry Bibliography Appendix: The Evangelical […]

Social Justice

download pdf Social Justice In announcing and establishing God’s Kingdom on earth, Jesus built on the laws of Moses and the words of the Hebrew prophets. His was a call for transformation both personal and social. The Christian life is about personal transformation into the likeness of Christ and participation in social justice to bring […]

Human Rights

download pdf HUMAN RIGHTS The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a common standard for all people and nations. Free Methodists claim these rights for all but when called upon by our Lord, we freely forego these rights for ourselves for the sake of the Kingdom of God. Free Methodists, currently and historically, […]

Compassion and the Poor

download pdf Compassion and the Poor Preface John Wesley taught that a means of grace available to us is serving the needy. Methodists have strong emphasis on worship and the sacraments but our heritage is the work of holiness and ministry to the poor. These are essentials in the teachings of Christ. His followers work […]

Organ and Tissue Donation

DOWNLOAD PDF Organ and Tissue Donation Donor: The donation of one’s own organs, blood or other tissues to save another person’s life, improve their health or quality of life is a commendable act of love by the donor towards his/her fellow person(s). A commitment to donate one’s own whole body or part thereof after death […]